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Noah Brown, Rosa M. Downing, 29th December 1870
Oldham, Ky
[email protected]
Married at Richard Downings farm. Witnesses were T.C. Bondurant & George P. Dick. License signed by John Rulet [sp] - Minister

Meredith Wayne Sheets, Mary Daisy Downing, February 6, 1937
Detroit, Michigan
[email protected]
Wayne was the son of Bob and Ella Sheets
Mary is the daughter of David Downing and Laura Croft
Mary was born in 1910 - it is now 2002 and she is still going strong

Joseph S. Downing, Mary Garren, Jan 15, 1843
Andrew, Missouri
[email protected]
Mary & Joseph are buried in Athelstan Cemetery in Athelstan, Taylor Co., IA

George W. Herren, Mary (Garren) Downing, Jan 2, 1870
Nodaway, Missouri
[email protected]

David Arthur Downing, Laura Alma Croft, 7-24-1893
Sullivan County, Missouri
[email protected]
David's parents were David T. Downing and Jane C. Burbage
Laura's parents were John Croft and Martha Ann Bond

John Baugh, Mary Downing, 26 Jul 1797
Mercer, Ky

Capt. Daniel D. Clark, Ann Downing, 29 Aug 1759
Plainfield, Conn

Francis Downing, Peggy Gardner, 20 Sept 1805
Fayette, Ky
dau of Capt. Gardner

Francis Downing, Peggy Gardner, 20 Sep 1805
Fayette, Ky
dau of Capt John Gardner