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Judson Henderson, Stella Hill, December 4,1915
[email protected]

dade henderson, flora mae roberts, 1900
andrews, mo
[email protected]
These people were my grandparents. they were married in the reorganized church of the latter day saints. witnessed by dade henderson's sister; emma henderson; I have a copy of the marriage license.

John Clements Isbell, Nancy Ann Henderson, 17 Oct. 1880
Morgan, Ala.
[email protected]
Have copy of marriage cert'.

john errol stokes, leah kay hedge, 10/10/96
henderson, ky

john errol stokes, leah kay hedge, 10/10/96
henderson, ky
[email protected]

william (roy?)crane, harriet henderson, in the 1800's
n.c. or tn., [email protected]
like to have information on these two persons. william crane was married twice the second marriage was to lavina(vinnie or vina)price in 1886 in cocke co. tn. anyone with information on these would be a great help. thanks for help.
vera crane

Henderson JENNINGS, Nancy Jane CRUSE, OCT. 19, 1842
[email protected]
Seeking information on parents of Henderson Jennings, and Nancy Jane Cruse.
Henderson belived to have been b. in Va. abt. 1821.
Nancy believed to have been b. in Mo. abt. 1823.
Please e-mail me with any information on either of these people.

Francis Gillespie, Honora Clarke, 1863
Mayo, Ireland
[email protected]
Info on my mother's side. My name is Doreen Moran married David Moran. My maiden name is Steel, my mother was Ellen Steel nee Gillespie. My mother was born 26/7/1910. Registered birth Houghton. She died 26/2/1986. My grandmother was a Jane Henderson born 17/1/1876 Sunderland way, but moved to Alliance Street in Stockton as I think my grandfather left her as he moved around shipyards My mother at this time also lived in Alliance Street and then Hind Street, Stockton. My grandmother, Jane died 1952, in Stockton-on-Tees, at my Aunt's house in Newtown Avenue, Stockton, when I was 1. My grandfather was Francis Gillespie I think died around 1940 born around 1880's. He was a caulker in the shipyards but before that he was in the Royal Horse Guards, I think rode behind the Royal carriage had to be bought out. My greatgrandfather was called another Francis and married a Honora or Honour Clarke, her father was called William. They came over to England from County Mayo in Ireland don't know whether they met over there or England but were married in July 1863. Wear Street in Monkwearmouth seems to crop up this could be where they lived in North East of England. My grandfather's mother and father were Patrick and Ann I think he died before Ann came over to England and I think she came to Middlesbrough around 1879.
My grandmother had sisters, Alice (Ali), Emma and brothers George and Thomas can't remember them all.

JENNINGS, Henderson, CREWS, Nancy Jane, 19, October, 1842
Platte, MO
[email protected]
Henderson JENNINGS and Nancy Jane CREWS are my GGrandparents, who married in Platte Co. MO and settled in Neosho, Newton Co. MO. Henderson was the Sheriff of Newton County 1852-53, a Mason, and Grocery Store/Saloon Keeper.
He was a Capt. in the Missouri State Guard, Co.B, 5th Regiment, 8th Divison in 1861.(ref: Roll of Captain's 8th Divison, 1861/elected 20 April 1861/PO Neosho, Newton Co. MO. from the book" The Forgotten Men b Carolyn Bartels"
He died 25, Sept. 1870 Newton Co. Mo.
Following his death in 1871 Nancy married Moses P. Hankins, 8th March 1870 in Neosho Mo. She died in Springfield MO, July 1902.
They had 6 children, William Anthony, Mary Elizabeth, Letitia, Belinda, Kate, Amelia ? and Richard.
Parents of Henderson (b. Va abt. 1821, Grayson Co.) and Nancy (b. Ky abt. 1824) are unkown at this time.

George Thomas Cotton, Susie E. Knight, 28 Feb 1897
Henderson, Texas

Raymond henderson, elsie ellen Pierce, unknown
miami, ohio
I am looking for my grandparents on my father's si