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8 Matches Found (displaying 1 to 8)

Isaac Jacob Winton, Louisia J. ( Lou ) Holcomb, 0 Mar 1879
Polk , Arkansas
[email protected]

Charles Oliver Holcomb, Sandra del Pilar Cardenas, 6-8-1996
Tulsa, OK

Audie Quinn, Ruby Holcomb, sept.28-1935
ms, ar
[email protected]
This is my mother and fathers

Tracy David Small, Danielle Renee Holcomb, Feb. 23, 2000
Benntonville, Arkansas
Unites States

Daniel Richard Holcomb, Mary Lynn Grove, June 4, 1976
Los Angeles, California
Unites States

Arch Holcomb, Jane Crockett, 15 Sep 1893
Ripley, Mo

Richard JONES, Perry HOLCOMB, 30 Oct 1804
Caswell, NC

Joel Catlin, Sophia Holcomb, 19 Oct 1748
Litchfield, Ct
son of Benjamin & Margaret (Kellogg) Catlin


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