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Kentucky Marriage Records

These Kentucky marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Share your records

  • John C.M. Knipp, Nancy A. Bryant
    January 22, 1872
    Carter County, Kentucky
    John Knipp was the son of Alexander Knipp and Susan Adeline Barker.  Nancy was the daughter of Squire Delaney Bryant and Sarah Blevins.
  • Abrams, Benjamin D., Gulley, Nancy Jane
    December, 04, 1877
    Carter, Kentucky
    If you have any information on this couple please notify me. I believe them to be my great-grandparents but am not a hundred percent sure.  They were said to be married at George F. Gulley's in the presence of Lucinda Abrams and W. C. Abrams. Signed by Sylvester Abrams.
    [email protected]
  • John Wesley Meadows, Eliza Ellen Rogers
    Carter, Kentucky
    They had 5 kids:  Edna, Cardella, Audie, Claude, Haskel
    [email protected]
  • Elijah Green Norman, Barbara Cyrus
    March 21, 1852
    Lawrence, Ky
    She died in Tazewell Co. VA (WVa) He married again.
    [email protected]
  • Logan Prince, Nancy Ellen Slone
    December 22,1910
    Carter County, Kentucky
    Looking for Nancy's line. Parents of Nancy are Henry and Clerinda Slone.
    [email protected]
  • William Fife, Sarah Knipp
    October 31, 1902
    Carter County, Kentucky
    Sarah Knipp was the daughter of John C. M. Knipp and Nancy Bryant. William Fife was the son of Jack Fife and Martha Lemasster.
  • William Tackett, Malissa Abrams
    March 24, 1907
    Carter County, Kentucky
    Malissa Abrams was the daughter of Benjamin Abrams and Mary Gulley. William Tackett was the son of Sherwood Tackett and Elizabeth Zornes.
  • Alexander Knipp, Malissa Abrams
    July 09, 1913
    Carter County, Kentucky
    This was the second marriage for both Alexander and Malissa. Alexander Knipp's first wife was Louise Knipp, his cousin. Malissa's first husband was William Tackett.
  • Jas F Ellis 
    Cynthia Sweetman 
    4/3/1852 Owen KY USA 
    [email protected]    

  • A few of these are relatives, and some I just copied just in case. Hope they help someone.
    James Ellis 
    Sue Romans
     7/23/1859 Owen KY USA [email protected]

  • William Ellis 
    Sally Warner 
    11/8/1859 Owen KY USA  [email protected]

  • Demas Ellis 
    Mary Ellis 
    4/2/1826 Owen KY USA  [email protected]

  • Demas Ellis 
    Mary Ellis 
    4/2/1826 Owen KY USA  [email protected]  
  • Larkin Shumate 
    Eliza Ellis 
    7/1//1850 Owen KY USA  [email protected]
  • Jno Ellis 
    Amanda Claxon 
    9/10/1842 Owen KY USA  [email protected]
  • H Claxon 
    P Ellis 
    2/2/1859 Owen KY USA [email protected]
  • Jesse H Tillett 
    Nancy Ellis 
    6/3/1856 Owen KY USA [email protected]
  • Stephen Walton Billingsley 
    Clara Emaline Wallace 
    May 10, 1947 Ky [email protected]
  • Albert Sidney Landrum Laura Back 3-Feb 1909 Breathitt Kentucky [email protected] Breathitt Co. , Kentucky Marriage Records: Book 14 Page 7  Date: 1909 3-Feb  Bride: Back, Laura age 23 1st marriage  Parents: Not listed   Groom: Landrum, Sidney age 29 1st marriage  Married by: C. W. I. Pugh Min. At: Harrison Hall's Witnesses: Tilda Burton & T. Hall
  • Samuel M. Grigsby Florence E. Strong 19-Nov 1902 Breathitt Kentucky [email protected] Breathitt Co. KY Marriage Records:  Book 10 Page 67 Date: 1902 19-Nov  Bride: Strong, Florence E. age 18 1st marriage Parents: Maggie E. Landrum W. C. Strong  Groom: Grigsby, S. M.(Perry Co) age 29 2nd marriage Parents: Eliza Napier Samuel Grigsby  Married by: R. B. Landrum Min. At: W. C. Strong's  Witnesses: H. C. Davidson & A. Watts
  • William Thomas Brown Mary Ann Hilton 9/22/1886 Hardin Kentucky USA [email protected] Looking for any realitives .Cherokee desendants. they are my great grandparents .Nine children- Mary Magdelian, Margaret Ellen, Olive Jane, Rhoda Ann, April Lee,Artie Thomas, Ernest Evan, Thomas Henry, and Lonie Emma Brown.all born between 1887 to 1908 Hardin Co Ky
  • Charles Turner Mima Howard 5/24/1905 Hart/Hardin Kentucky USA [email protected] Grandparents, 2 children Robert Arthur And Paul Turner 1910 and 1913
  • wells, george calvin ebling, mary jane 01 sept 1880 christian ky usa [email protected]
  • Thomas Elliott Elizabeth Reece July 16, 1807 Knox KY USA Book: A Page: 14
  • Shadrick Hilton Polly Brock May 24, 1809 Knox KY USA Book: A Page:6 Minister: E. Foley
  • Vincent Partin Elizabeth Chigram July 26, 1810 Knox KY USA Book: A Page:7 Minister: E Foley
  • Arthur Hilton Susannah Lawson February 20, 1810 Knox KY USA Book: A Page: 7 Minister: E. Foley
  • Henry Elliott Laticia Rice July 19, 1810 Knox KY USA Book: A Page:7 Minister: James Sullivan
  • Hezekiah Brittain Peggy Helton February 20, 1811 Knox KY USA Book: A Page: 8 Minister: James Sullivan
  • John Holder Susannah Helton June 10, 1813 Knox KY USA Book:A Page: 9
  • Obediah Hammons Susannah Garland July 18, 1814 Knox KY USA Book: A Page: 11<br>2nd marriage for Obediah
  • William Blake Sally Garland September 8, 1816 Knox KY USA Book:A Page: 12 Minister: James Sullivan
  • John Hammond Patsy Garland June 27, 1816 Knox KY USA Book: A Page: 12 Minister: Blaggrove Hopper
  • James Barnett Betsy BEGLEY July 21, 1819 Knox KY USA Book: A Page: 15 Marriage bond


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