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Lewis County West Virginia Marriage Records

These West Virginia marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Share your records

West Virginia Marriages

  • John Norman, Orinda Holbert
    February 1, 1842
    Lewis , Va (WVa)
    Have information on children of John and Orinda Norman
    [email protected]

  • George Riddle, Mary Rebecca Norman
    June 1836
    Lewis , WVa
    More information on sibling and parents
    [email protected]
  • William C. Boggs, Jemima Norman
    July 10, 1849
    Lewis , WVa
    [email protected]
    More information
  • James Emmit Norman, Tamar Riddle
    abt 1849
    Lewis, WVa
    [email protected]
  • Adam Knicely, Harriet Norman
    Nov 8, 1877
    Lewis, WVa
    [email protected]
  • Charles James Norman, Caroline Crumrine
    April 4, 1872
    Lewis, WVa
    [email protected]
  • John Matheney, Margaret Norman
    October 1849
    Lewis , WVA
    More information
    [email protected]
  • Theodore Given, Mariah Norman
    January 6, 1850
    Lewis, WVa
    [email protected]


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