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Oklahoma Marriage Records

These Oklahoma marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Share your records

  • J. M. Morgan, Edna Gossett
    4 May 1895
    "G" (Arapaho), Oklahoma Territory
    John Morgan and Edna, as well as their child, were all drown. I have a the original marriage record and a copy of the Custer County Republic Vol. IV Weatherford, Ok. Thursday, May 8, 1902 about the flood listing them as John Morgan, wife and child-wife found.
    [email protected]

  • James Milton Cain, Minnie Lee Clark
    Chickasaw Nation, OK
    Minnie Lee Clark Cain died December 1961 in Oklahoma Co., OK
    [email protected]

  • Richard T. Gossett, Lilian Morris
    20 October 1900
    Custer, Oklahoma Territory
    I have the original marriage record. Married by Eugene W. Hunt, Arapaho, Custer County, OK
    [email protected]

  • F. B. Sanders, Ethel Gossett
    14 June 1902
    Custer, Oklahoma Territory
    I have the original Application for Marriage License stating F. B. was age 42 years born Nebraska and residing in Arapaho. Miss Ethel was born in Missouri and resided in Arapaho. Her parents gave consent.
    [email protected]

  • L. E. Skeels, Georgia Gossett
    26 July 1902
    Custer, Oklahoma Territory
    I have the original marriage record stating L. E. was of Foss, Oklahoma Territory age 26 and Georgia was of Arapaho age 17
    [email protected]

  • Joshua F. Stocks, Delia Gossett
    22 Oct. 1905
    Custer, Oklahoma Territory
    I have the original Marriage Record stating Joshua was 22 years of age born in KS and residing in Clinton, O. T.. Delia was 18 years of age and born in MO but residing in Arapaho, O. T.
    [email protected]

  • Wesley Clymer, Victoria Pope
    Nov. 10, 1906
    Custer, Oklahoma Territory
    I have the original Marriage Record stating both were 20 years of age and born in Missouri and living in Carpenter.
    [email protected]

  • Benjamin Calvin Neel, Willora C. J. Bee
    Aug 31, 1907
    Goingsnake Dist., now Deleware Co., Indian Territory now OK.
    Record of marriage located at Muskogee Court House. They were married before Oklahoma became a state.
    [email protected]

  • Charles Alexander Marlow, Laura Ellen Graves
    Jan. 14, 1895
    Love Co., Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • William Harvey McFadden, Ethel Ida Loper
    September 13, 1897
    Pawnee, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • William M. Whitson, Stella Patterson
    I don't have anymore information on my grandparents. Any information would be appreciated. They were from around Talahina Oklahoma, I think. The marriage date is an approximate. I don't know for sure. Thank you Connie Butler
    [email protected]

  • Belton Wayne Scott, Dollie Caldwell
    February, 10, 1914
    Cherokee County, Oklahoma
    Any information on Belton Scott bn. 1892, Snowball, Ark. would be very helpful.
    [email protected]

  • Jabez E. Toombs, Sallie Jessie
    December 24, 1897
    Dewey, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Milo Ernest Walker, Laura Elma Durfey
    December 15, 1901
    Dewey, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Milo Ernest Walker, Valentine Durfey
    December 23, 1906
    Dewey, Oklahoma
    Milo Walker married Valentine Durfey after the death of Laura Durfey who was Valentine's sister.
    [email protected]

  • John B. Ernshaw, Mary "Polly" Smith
    6 Oct 1880
    Puluski , Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • McClelan, Tom, Craig, Ana
    May, June 27, 1925
    Adair, Oklahoma
    Tom born William Thomas McClellan son of John G. McClellan and Julia Gibson this was his 2nd marriage 1st was to Harriet Jane Marrs
    [email protected]

  • Rayford Muno, Doris Viola Leak
    April 26, 1940
    Custer, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Adolph Earnest Link, Emily Hale Louthan
    March 29, 1916
    Dewey, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Virgil Eugene Louthan, Ruby Marie Jellison
    July 30, 1932
    Dewey, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • George Wesley Badley, Dorothy Florence Gore
    06 August 1938
    Dewey, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Lawrence John Hakel, Agnes Christine Matussak
    Garfield, Oklahoma

  • Wilbur Alonzo Barney, Iris Piercy
    September 3, 1930
    Harmon, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Hobart Reid Gift, Katharyn Lucille Calhoon
    August 31, 1918
    Major, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • William Andrew Hall, Flora Belle Massey
    August 29, 1917
    McCurtain, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Frank Lewis, Mae L Thayer
    April 24, 1915
    Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Boyce Garland Sloan, Hazel Claudean Crow
    Oklahoma, OK

  • Henry Neal Cheever, F. Belle Parker
    Payne, Oklahoma

  • Robert Otis McCutcheon, Zenna Bell Scott
    March 3, 1932
    Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • James A. Clymer, Ura Tucker
    November 5, 1919
    Stephens County, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • William Emerson Creider, Elsie Emily Butenschoen
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • William Arthur Carmony, Clara Church
    August 9, 1916
    Woodward, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Charles Eugene Leak, Flossie Elizabeth Durfey
    September 26,1917
    Woodward, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Harold Ivan Story, Pluma Alice Chabino
    May 10, 1921
    Woodward, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Thomas Jefferson Jr. Hussey, Alta Viola Barney
    November 22, 1932
    Woodward, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Calvin Leo Barney, Alvena Shaeffer
    July 17, 1937
    Woodward, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • John Henry Smart, Armitte Bell Carmony
    September 7, 1904
    Woodward, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Charles Henry Aaron, Phebe Roberta Smart
    September 27, 1925
    Woodward, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

  • Charles Alexander Badley, Martha Lucille Webb
    13 November 1911
    ?, Oklahoma
    [email protected]

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