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South Dakota Marriage Records

These South Dakota marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Search our records

Doyle, Loren Chester
Cirkholz, Lorraine Alvina
Feb 7, 1936
[email protected]

Floyd COOK
Caroline SIMON
Dec 18, 1909
Phillip, South Dakota

Pearl Joy Ayers
Lola Mae Heater
June 6 1918
Beadle SD USA
[email protected]

Joseph Ellis
Anne Herron
April 10, 1897
Charles Mix South Dakota USA
[email protected]
This was a second marriage for both parties.
Anne Herron was my g.grandmother.
I am interested in finding out more about her and her first husband, James H. Herron, who died in So. Dakota in 1896.
An interesting side note is that the marriage ceremony was perfored by her son-in-law, my grandfather,William J. Byrne at Wheeler, SD. William J. Byrne was a Justice of the Peace.
I would love to find any records that are available. Thank you.

William Leroy Jacobs
Emma Josepine Proctor
Sept.24, 1891
Edmunds South Dakota Usa
[email protected]
This family has links to Illinois,Ohio,Michigan,Minnesota,Wisconson,New York and i have the entire family tree back to the 1500s
If you think that you might be related send me a mail

James Harold
Doyle Lydia Bailey
December 05, 1906
Lawrence South Dakota USA
[email protected]
James H. Doyle and Lydia Bailey of Galena, South Dakota had a son January 21, 1907. They abandoned the child at an early age. Looking for information on any of the three. Supposedly a Cunningham took the little boy in on the Pine Ridge Reservation where he leased land (?)up until about the year 1920. Any information is appreciated. Lydia Bailey: married again very soon after to a Clyde Phillips of South Dakota. Looking for her travels. James Harold Doyle: have not found any infomation on him other than he was a school teacher at Galena Schoolhouse in 1905-1906.

Thomas Fossi
Lahja silvia Tusa
lead south Dakota usa [email protected] these two were suppose to have divorced rather discretely and I am trying to find a marriage record if there is one.

Robert Paul Johns
Valerie Lynne Haws,Tullis
May 13, 1994
Pennington South Dakota USA
[email protected]
This is my marriage, privacy not an issue. Bob and I met in the military.

Earl Middleton Violet
Elenora Castle
January 19, 1927
South Dakota USA
[email protected]
Married In Elk Point

DEC 1 1906

Albert Roy Gilman
Margaret M. Whalen
June 5, 1912
Grand River South Dakota USA
[email protected]
Albert married first Pearl May Jones. Unknown is she died or if there was a divorce. Albert married margaret 2nd, and they had 2 sons, Albert and Cecil. Margaret died in 1918 and Albert married third Jennie Irene Bradley in 1923 in Bison, South Dakota

Arthur Melville Neer
Cora Alice Evans
May 25, 1887
Brown County South Dakota United States
[email protected]
Arthur was born in Plano, Kendall Co., Illinois on February 13,1865 and died in Sidney, Richland Co., Montana on September 8, 1939.
Cora was born in Cassopolis, Cass Co., Michigan on March 27,1864 and died in Williston, Williams Co., North Dakota on May 26,1958.
Arthur and Cora had 5 children: Clyde A., James Arthur, Dora May, Clarence Waldo and Hattie Elizabeth.

Thomas Edward
Hughes Sr Edna
Francis Huffman
S.Dakota USA
[email protected]

Thomas Edward
Hughes Sr Edna
Francis Huffman
S.Dakota USA
[email protected]

James Harold
Doyle Lydia Bailey
Dec 6, 1906
Lawrence South Dakota USA
[email protected]

Trague Leander Denton Jessie
May Wheele
r 17-July-1900
Pennington South Dakota USA
[email protected]

Samuel E. Voiles
Bonney Whelly
October 04, 1936
Pennington South Dakota

Samuel E. Voiles
Elsie C. Mizer
July 27, 1940
South Dakota

James W. Anglin
Polly Ann Cadle
dec 26, 1868
clay SD US

minnehaha south dakota
approximately 1945

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