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Rhode Island Marriage Records

These Rhode Island marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Search our records

Earle Carleton Potter
Mary Miller Hall
January 20, 1920
Washington Rhode Island US
[email protected]
They were married in South Kingstown. Have ancestors and descendants for both.

Paul Supprise Grace
Slater Gardiner
May 16, 1915
Washington Rhode Island US
[email protected]
My maternal grandparents. Paul was baptized as Moise Napoleon Surprenant but used the names Paul Supprise and Paul Lemner (Lemner was his step father's surname)

Louis Napoleon Surprenant
Sarah LouiseHersey
July 30, 1891
Kent Rhode Island US
[email protected]
Louis also used the last names Surprise and Supprise and sometimes spelled his first name as Lewis

Edwin Potter
Grace Supprise
Feb 21, 1948
Washington Rhode Island US
[email protected]
Married in town of North Kingstown.

Jeremiah Carpenter Potter
Mary Sherman Brown
May 18, 1846
Washington Rhode Island US
[email protected]

George E. O. Potter
Edith Eudora Larkin
September 14, 1881
Washington RI US
[email protected]
George was the son of Jeremiah Carpenter Potter and Mary Sherman Brown. Edith was the daughter of Albert Larkin and Abbie Frances Whitford.

George E. O. Potter
Abbie Isabella Larkin
Nov 29, 1877
Washington RI US
[email protected]
Abbie died on MArch 01, 1880 and George remarried to Edith Eudora Larkin, Abbie's sister.

Albert A. Larkin
Abbie Frances Whitford
January 14, 1855
Rhode Island US
[email protected]
Albert was the son of William Larkin, Sr. and Lucy Mowry. Abbie's parents were Updike Cooper Whitford and Dorcas C. Jacques (also spelled Jackwaise, Jackway, Jaques, etc)

Samuel Joseph Gardiner
Mary Arnold Crandall
July 02, 1887
Washington RI US
[email protected]
He was the son of Gideon Casey Gardiner and Phebe E. Northup and Mary was the daughter of George Washington Crandall and Sarah Hannah Carpenter.

Thomas Wanton Briggs
Hannah Frances Knowles Crandall
June 18, 1881
Washington RI US
[email protected]
The Crandall genealogy published in 1949 incorrectly lists Hannah as the wife of Samuel Joseph Gardiner. (Samuel married Hannah's sister, Mary Arnold Crandall) Hannah was the daughter of George Washington Crandall and Sarah Hannah Carpenter. Thomas was the son of Peleg Briggs and Mary Jane Harvey.

Thomas Crandall
Matilda Holliday
March 22, 1890
Washington RI US

William Henry Crandall
Frances Potter Smith
Washington RI US
William si the son of George Washington Crandall and Sarah Hannah Carpenter.

Edward Leroy Crandall
Essiphene Hoxsie
July 15, 1903
He was the son of George Washington Crandall and Sarah Hannah Carpenter.

Thomas Pierce
Almy Chase
Newport Rhode Island U.S.A.

James McKiernan
Mary McKiernan
ubknown unkown R I Usa
[email protected]
looking for greatgrand parents

Joseph Thomas
Richards Anna O'Rourke
12 October 1929
Providence Rhode Island USA
[email protected]

James William Pollett
Ednah Elwood Perry
November 24, 1869
Cumberland Rhode Island United States
Parents William & Susanne Pollette Elbridge Elwood Perry & Mary Ann Francis Whipple

Sabatino Gaito Catherine V. Haley July 31, 1919 providence Rhode Island USA [email protected]

zoeth brown
phebe aldrich
providence ri providence

Manford Holley
Elizabeth Bella Crocker
June 17,1907
Providence Providence.RI USA
[email protected]
I am adding this record because I have also found a record in a family tree that Manford Holley married Nora Sheets in Cabell Co, WVA in 1920.
Trying to find out if they are same person.

ferguson Elliott
rhode island us
[email protected]

Thomas Borden
Mary Harris
Jun 20 1664
Providence RI

Capt Jonathan Weeden
Mary Vickery
30 Nov 1744
Newport R.I.
wife 1

Capt Jonathan Weeden
Mercy Harris
21 Aug 1746
Newport R.I.
wife 2

Capt William Weeden
Sarah Peckham
Newport R.I.

Capt Thomas Olney
Lydia Barnes
13 Jul 1687
Providence R.I.

Capt Thomas Young
Prisilla Allinev 31 Jan 1771
Newport R.I.

Gen. Leslie Combs
Mrs. Mary Man
April 11, 1849
Manville R.I.

James Hadsall
Content Worden
August 12, 1752
Washington Rhode Island

Gen. Nathaniel Green Catherine Littlefield 1774 Kent R.I.

Capt. Simon Davis Ann Low 24 Apr 1685 Kent R.I.

Capt Thomas Waterman
Susanna Waterman
16 Jun 1751
Providence Rhode Island

Maj. Thomas
Fenner Dinah Borden
July 26, 1682
Providence Rhode Island

Elias Bates
Hannah Burlingame
18 Sep 1777
Providence RI

Nathan Dodge
Mary Fuller
13 Dec 1752
Providence RI

Ebenezer Whitaker
Phebe Sprague
23 Aug 1770
Providence RI

Stephen B.
Whipple Polly
[email protected]
My G.,G,G, Grandfather Stephen B. Whipple married a women with just the name ofPolly and I am trying to find out if this Polly is of Native Heritage. He wasborn in Coventry, RI and died in Scituate, RI but I know nothing on this Polly.I would greatly appreciate any help that you can give me. Thank You, Brenda Wood

James Hadsall Sr
. Content Worden
Dec. 8, 1752
Washington R.I. USA
[email protected]
I am assuming they were married here because both were born in Westerly, Washington Co. R.I.

William Crumb
Mercy Saunders
Washington R.I. USA
[email protected]
Any further info on these two would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Worden IV
Rebecca Richmond
May 26, 1720
Washington R.I. USA
[email protected]
I have no info on Rebecca and would appreciate any anyone may have.

William Potter
Mary Casey
aft 1768
Washington Rhode Island US
[email protected]
Mary was the daughter of Samuel Casey and Martha (possibly Martin). William was the son of Robert Potter and Judith Clarke.

William Waite Potter Thankful
K. Carpenter
Sep 7, 1816
Washington Rhode Island US
[email protected]
He was the son of William Potter and Mary Casey, she was the daughter of Jeremiah Carpenter and Hannah Knowles.

Gideon Gardiner
Phebe Northup
Feb 27, 1862
Washington RI USA
[email protected]
Phebe was the daughter of Stuckley Northup and Hannah (Willis) and Gideon was the son of Samuel Gardiner and Hannah (Casey). Gideon's dob 04 Oct 1837, died 14 Dec 1878. Phebe 's dob 13 Aug 1833, died 06 Feb 1900. All events took place in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Samuel Gardiner
Hannah Casey
abt 1831
Kent or Washington Rhode Island USA
[email protected]
Samuel was born 16 Jun 1809 in North Kingstown, RI to Samuel and Elizabeth (Slocum) Gardiner, and died aft. 1878. Hannah was born 13 Apr 1810 in East Greenwich, RI to Gideon Casey and Sarah Johnson.

Gideon Casey
Sarah Johnson
abt 1805
Unknown RI USA
[email protected]
Gideon was born 1781 to Gideon and Freelove (Johnson) Casey. He died before 26 Jun 1817. Freelove wa born in East Greenwich, RI about 1735 and died bef 26 Jul 1817. She was the daughter of Elisha Johnson and Deborah (Sherman).

Samuel Gardiner
Elizabeth Slocum
Mar 24, 1789
Washington RI USA
[email protected]
Samuel was born 25 Jul ---- to Samuel Gardiner and Catherine Greene and died aft. 1809. Elizabeth was born abt 1766 to William Slocum and Sarah Tarbox and died 11 Jun 1840.

Lewis P. Dimon
Annie M. Taylor
Nov 17, 1928
Washington Rhode Island USA
[email protected]
These are my Grandparents on my mothers side.

David Vallet
Phebe Hopkins
December 10, 1772
Rhode Island USA
[email protected]

Newport Rhode Island USA

Hugh Shreenan
August 08,1922
Newport RI USA
[email protected]

January 7, 1902
Bristol Rhode Island USA
[email protected]

Capt. Thomas
Young Priscilla Alline
Jan 31, 1771
Newport R.I.

Felix Martin
Margaret Burns
July 1900
Rhode Island USA
[email protected]

Daniel Scrope
Deborah Macey
Jan 5, 1696
Bristol R.I.

Maj. Thomas Fenner
Dinah Borden
Providence R.I.
King Philips War; son of Capt. Arthur Fenner

Capt. Caleb Cory
Hannah Butts
Sep 16, 1739
Portsmouth R.I.

Gen. Nathaniel
Green Catherine Littlefield
Kent R.I.

Capt. Simon
Davis Ann Low
24 Apr 1685
Kent R.I.

Capt Thomas Waterman
Susanna Waterman
16 Jun 1751
Providence Rhode Island

william tanner
mary babcock
washington rhode island united states
[email protected]
need to know when these people got married and who thier parents were thanks

Patrick J Gallagher
Emma E. Gallagher
abt. 1902 RI or MA USA
[email protected]
I have been unable to find any documentation regarding the marriage of my grandparents. They both lived in Bristol RI. My grandfather was from Central Falls, Pawtucket but after he returned from the Spanish American War, he settled in Bristol and worked at the India Rubber Works. He boarded with my grandmother's parents. Most of this information I pieced together from City/Town Directories. In 1950 on August 23rd the family celebrated my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary but I have been unable to verify this information to date. My grandfather's mother was from Ireland and was a strict Catholic. My grandmother was brought up as Protestant in Bristol, RI. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! I'm wondering if they ever did get married or just

David Thomas McCullough
Chloe Irene Dowdle
November 17, 1915
Howard Arkansas USA
[email protected]
Groom waslisted as D.T.; recorded on 11/19/1915 on page 142, Book K of Marriage Records by C.A. Dildy, clerk

Elias Bates
Hannah Burlingame
Sep 18,1777
Providence RI

Nathan Dodge
Mary Fuller
Dec 13,1752
Providence RI

Ebenezer Whitaker
Phebe Sprague
Aug 23,1770
Providence RI

Wm Whitaker
Polly Fiske
Dec 10,1775
Providence Rhode Island

Joe Barber
Lydia Miller
Dec 14,1766
Providence RI

George Cay
Maranda Blood
Dec 9,1849
Providence Rhode Island

Henry Gee Vesta
Ann Randall
Jul 3,1844
Providence RI

Caleb Pendleton
Jr Mary Randall
Oct 25,1716
Washington RI

Winsor Stone
Patience Randall
Mar 27,1845
Providence RI

Willard Wilder
Cynthia Randall
Jan 14, 1844
Providence RI

Jeremiah Winsor
Phebe Randall
Nov 24,1763
Providence RI

New Port Rhode Island USA

John Tanner
Mary Carter
5 Nov 1848
Green Hollow RI married on the road in pouring rain and high winds by Rev. Charles Weaver who was on his way to attend funeral of Mrs. Amy E Gallup age 26 who died Nov 3 wife of Ben Jr of Voluntown

Barlow Aldrich
Olive Sheldon
[email protected]
Barlow and Olive Sheldon Aldrich were my great-great-great grandparents. They left RI, lived for a while in Scioto County, OH (where 2 sons married) and ended up in Waverly, Morgan, IN where they both died and are buried. My great-great grandfather and 3 of his brothers settled in Posey County, IN where my great grandfather, grandfather, mom, and myself were all born and raised.

Whitney ellen
1920 - 1930

jake salisbury holden
harriet a thornton
kent ri usa
[email protected]
I am looking for as much info aspossible on this couple and thier parents.

joseph spencer
lucy a. nichols

john f hanley nellie m lynch
provindance rhode island

27 APRIL 1893
[email protected]

joseph fisher
emiley nance parcher
jul 4 1854
usa rhode isaland
[email protected]

thomas cashman
loretta lovett
ri providence

William LeLaCheur
Jessie McKensie
Sep 2,1847
Providence Rhode Island USA
[email protected]
William and Jessie were my great great grandparents.

William LeLaCheur
Catherine C.McKinnon
Jul 30,1883
Providence Rhode Island USA
[email protected]
William and Cetherine were my great grandparents. They had children in Rhode Island and Nova Scotia Canada. Their kids were Beatrice Ruth, Jessie Christine, MarionE. and William.They were said to have had a set of twins who died as infants with Cholera. I found a child born 14/Feb/1896 who was born and died same day. Not sure if the twins or not. William and Catherine are buried in Lorne St. Cementry New Glasgow Nova Scotia, Canada

Michael Murray
Annie Dolan
July 2, 1895
Rhode Island

germano MEDEIROS
1925 or 1926
[email protected]

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