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Montana Marriage Records

These Montana marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Search our records

Ralph William Spears
Gwendoline Dottie Burke
May 15, 1917 Petroleum Montana USA
[email protected]

Fred Alvin Carmony
Celma Celander
August 17, 1910
Carbon Montana
[email protected]

Nicklaus Hoffmann
April 1915
Teton Montana USA
[email protected]
I just need verification that Nick and Jennie Hoffman were married in Choteau, Teton Co., Montana. Thank you.
Janice Connell El Paso, TX

Henry Hilton Manning
Jennie Pearl Onstott
November 26 1930
Carbon MT USA
[email protected]

Henry Hilton Manning
Nona Marie Nichols
Jun 22 1944
Jefferson MT USA
[email protected]

James Elmer Bricker
Elizabeth Jane Doherty
October 26 ,1904
Silverbow Co. MT Montana
[email protected]
Marriage Certificate # 8692, Silverbow Co. MT.

Phillip Gillick
Nellie L. Doherty
September 20,1911
Boulder, Jefferson Co. MT
[email protected]

Hugh Doherty
Mabel Schoner
April 20,1910
Whitehall. Jefferson Co. MT
[email protected]

Lloyd F. Dinsmore
Lois Jean Colter
Carroll MO U.S. 

Richard Allen Russell
Janice Ellen Slauson
July 18,1948
Lincoln Montana USA
[email protected]
I would love to hear from anyone who has a connection to either of these individuals :)

taggart, william kanthack, martha 1910 or 1911 montana [email protected]

taggart, hugh kanthack, martha 1910, 1911 montana

Christopher Logsdon
Hollie Johnson
Galliton Montana USA
They had 6 children wyitt james christopher jr sara mary and catheren. Chris SR. was a profession cowboy for the Circle Bar K outside of Butte MT

torrence j burns
annie b turner
1889 boone co. mo.

Roy Lester Rowe
Beatrice Geraldine Hickey
6 June 1927
Ravalli Montana USA
[email protected]

Thomas W. McColgan
Amanda Jane Burger
Nov21 1894
Dillon, Beaverhead Montana USA
[email protected]
The first of two marriages Thomas died in 1897 from heart failure.

Thomas W. McColgan
Amanda Jane Burger
Nov21 1894
Dillon, Beaverhead Montana USA
[email protected]
The first of two marriages Thomas died in 1897 from heart failure.

Thomas G. Port
Amanda Jane
Buger McColgan
Nov23 .1898
Virginia City, Madison Montana USA
[email protected]
2nd of two marriages Thomas Port died of typhoid 16 July 1923

Otto Smith
Delma Johnson
December 5,1922
Powder River Montana United States
[email protected]

Roy Lester Rowe
Beatrice GeraldaineHickey
June 6 1927
Ravalli Montana USA

William Wills
Helen Campbell
February 08, 1934
Silver Bow Montana United States

Arlo Courtnage
Albertine Clawiter
May 28, 1927
Cascade Montana USA


Gearing Bond
June 12 1905
Montana [email protected] I am note sure of the spelling of Gearing, it could be Ghearing? Name Emanual John, Brides name Ethel Mildred. Marriage took place at Butte, Montana


Frank George Prishmont
Barbara Mellinger
USA Montana Yellowstone
[email protected]

George Gerber
Magdaleane Mellinger
Yellowstone Montana USA
[email protected]

Rude Cobb

Otto Smith
Delma Johnson
December 5,1922
Powder River Montana United States
[email protected]

Otto Smith
Delma Johnson
December 5,1922
Powder River Montana United States
[email protected]

Arthur Maude
Musselshell MT USA

Glenn William McFarlane
Mary Susan Sickels
Sept 26, 1931
Roosevelt Montana United States
[email protected]

Thomas Shinnick
Dorothy Cook
March 22, 1945
Montona USA
[email protected]
They may have been married in Richmond, CAalso.

Frank J Gulden Bella
Macchesney CrawmerBeale
Custer Montana USA

Seth Hannon Ella
Jorgenson nee Hanson
13 March 1918
Cascade Montana USA
[email protected]
Ella and Seth were my grandparents, they married in Great Falls. But my grandmother was married before to a man named Eli Jorgenson (Jorgeson). They lived in Poplar, MT. My aunt was born 1916 in Glasgow. So it was only two years later that Ella married Seth. I can't find any death or divorce record in Montana for Eli. Anyone else looking for the same people or have any ideas?

William August Scheidt
Ann Marie Sabe
September 14, 1950
Custer Montana U.S.A.
[email protected]
Grooms Parents: August Scheidt & Laura Dumbler (6 children) Brides Parents: Julis Sabe & Augusta Martens (8 children) William August Scheidt & Ann Marie Sabe had 5 children 1. Richard William Scheidt (Has 3 children of his own) 2. Charlene Ann Scheidt (Has 4 children of her own) 3. Steven Allen Scheidt (Adopted 2 children) 4. Betty Jean Scheidt (Has 4 children of her own) 5. Debra Sue Scheidt (Has 3 children of her own) I am looking for anyone who might have any information on any of these people as I am working on our family tree. Please email me at [email protected]

alexander Hart Lovina
Mattoon 1843 california
[email protected]
Lovina apparently died on 10,June 1909 at Worth,Tulare, ca.
This is all the information that I have.

benjamin Gunnary
Hilda Nayho
Mussellshell Montana USA
[email protected]

Alfred Dahlin
Ida Johnson
Cascade Montana United States
[email protected]
Couple born in sweden...married in united States...possibly in GReat Falls, Montana....

George Dewey Preston
Marjorie Ellen Woods
May 5,1920
Livingston Montana USA
[email protected]

Harkin, John W. Hundley,

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