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Colorado Marriage Records

These Colorado marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Search our records

OSBORN Clarence
M. DAVIS Amy Pearl
August 23, 1903
Larimer Colorado United States
[email protected]
Place of marriage: Loveland, Colorado

OSBORN Daniel O.
April 23, 1874
Boulder Colorado United States
[email protected]

OSBORN William Alexander
December 15, 1897
Larimer Colorado United States
[email protected]

CHAPMAN Charlotte A.
Febuary 27, 1901
Larimer Colorado United States
[email protected]

William H.C. Brestel
Edna Mae Mills
Sept 01,1936
[email protected]
They lived in Dawson Co. for the rest of their lives.<br>Am researching any other Brestels that lived in Nebraska.

Goldwin F. Smith
Mary M. Caddy
June 23, 1904
Lake Colorado USA
[email protected]

Samuel Lawrence
Marilla Gibbs
June 12, 1838
Kane Co. Ill. USA
[email protected]
Anyone with info on this couple please contact me.

Leonard Gibbs Lawrence
Castine R. Reynolds
Dec 19, 1861
Delaware Co. Iowa USA
[email protected]
Information on this family is needed. Please mail me if they are in your tree.

John Morgan BOWLIN
November 10 1874
Greene Co. AR
[email protected]
Researching: John Morgan BOWLIN (1854 GA-1935 AR) & Mary L. HUTCHINS (1856 AR-1900 AR) Wanda Bowlin Davis - Kerrville TX -
[email protected]

William Rosenstrauch
Elizabeth Reilly
January 1 1902
Custer Colorado U.S.A.
[email protected]

Mayme Ethel THOMAS "Thursday" ca 1 Mch 1917 town: Rocky Ford Colorado USA
[email protected]
Mayme Ethel THOMAS (1895-1974) was my grandmother.
Earl(e) Don THOMPSON was her 1st husband.
They had one child, my aunt, Mary Ann THOMPSON (1918-1992).
My grandmother was mainly from Bogard & Carrollton, MO. Mr. THOMPSON was from Chillicothe, MO. I'd love to know more about this man.
Leslie Kohler P.O. Box 8137, Glendale, AZ 85312-8137 P.O. Box 276, Carrollton, MO 64633-0276
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mayme Ethel THOMAS ca
1 March 1917
Rocky Ford Colorado USA
[email protected]
Mayme Ethel THOMAS (1895-1974) was my grandmother.
She m/1 Earl Don THOMPSON (for whom I have no dates) and m/2 Leslie Combs HUDSON (1894-1978).
Mr. THOMPSON was from Chillicothe, MO.
My grandmother was from Bogard & Carrollton, MO. Leslie (Bridges) Kohler P.O. Box 8137, Glendale, AZ 85312-8137 P.O. Box 276, Carrollton, MO 64633-0276

Ditter Philip John Trimbor
July 6, 1871
Fond du Lac Co Wisconsin
[email protected]
Would like to find out more about Mary Trimbor's parents. She had one sister that is known, Catherine Anna Trimbor who married Philip's brother, John Adam Ditter. Their mother's name was Barbara (maiden name unknown). She was born 1827 in France. Mary & Catherine were born in Wisconsin in 1852 & 1854 near Marytown. Have run into a wall about their father. There was a John Trimbor who patented 2 80 acre parcels near Marytown in 1849 but have not connected him with my Trimbors.

Earnest Charles Oakleaf
Blanche Elizabeth Nicholson
Nov. 7,1935
Bent Colorado United States

Frank Ellis Willoughby
Lois Henriette Wheeler
5 Jun 1915
Orange Co. California USA

Lemoine Linfred Ribble
Ida Mae Adams
May 11 1946
Denver Colorado USA
[email protected]
Lemoine, son of Mark Jay &Minnie Adele (Mick) Ribble. Ribble family of Pahaquarry, NJ;Lee Co.,IL., Ottawa Co., KS. and also in Nebraska.

jesus Martinez
alice smith
eagle colorado usa

James Isaac Swick
Vive Ugene Glasener
16 Feb. 1889
Jasper Co.
ILL [email protected]
Vive Ugene born in Clark Co., IL, abt. 1870, Parents: William Douglas Glasener and Fanny Reid, Glasener sometime spelled Glaisuer/Glazner. Looking to connect with cousins. June

William A. Portlock
Mariah Glasener
11 Dec. 1890
Jasper Co.
IL [email protected]
Mariah Glasener born in Clark co.,IL abt. 1861, Parents: William Douglas Glasener and Fanny Reid. William & Fanny with several children came to Clark Co. before 1860,several children born in Clark Co. IL. William & Fanny and moved to Bollinger co.,Zalma, MO. Both buried: Cox Cem. Zalma, no stones. Information, family bible. June

George W Gleason Tod ? 1935-1940 Montrose? Colorado USA [email protected] Wanting info. on Tod

ephraim pearson
nancy app.
ga forsyth co
[email protected]

Charles Edgar Disert
Nancy Grace Overcash
May 8 1901
El Paso Colorado
[email protected]
Married in Colorado Springs; both born Franklin Co,PA

James E. King
Blanche A. Largent
June 1 1926
Denver Colorado United States
[email protected] I am looking for anyone that is related to James E. King. He was born in 1886 in Kentucky. I have a copy of their divorce document dated 1934 that states they were married in Denver, Colorado on June 1, 1926. I would like to connect with someone searching the same name.

charles e johnson
hulda johnson

Albert E Brown
Thelma V Tiff
May 26, 1919
Arapahoe Colorado US

Lonnell M King
Aja M Barney
May 6,1996
Denver Colorado Us
[email protected]

Harry Cummings
Anna Roslosnik

24 Jun 1913
Mineral CO USA
[email protected]

Lester Clark Verna M. Sharshel 13 Oct 1922 Weld Colorado USA dka[email protected] Please E-mail me if you have data on this couple.

patrick mcmahon margaret o'loughlin 1911? newhaven connecticut usa fernfair[email protected] they came from co. clare ireland,around 1807,08...

Michael Mullin
Nora Gannon
March 12, 1902
Araphoe Colorado USA
[email protected]

Hugh McGowen
Lucy Cummings
14 Jul 1923
PiggottArk hes 38 shes 14, both from Jersey Co. Ill

william h gregory
jennie chilcott
june 2 1894
pueblo colorado usa
[email protected]

Thomas Hobbs
Bessie Vandenberg
January 24, 1905
El Paso Colorado USA
[email protected]

Joseph Lavelett
Alice McNeil
November 3, 1921
US Pueblo, CO
[email protected]

Thomas P. Davis
Emily G
[email protected]

George Allen Warth
Bertha Adele Slocum
15 June 1897
Denver Colorado
[email protected]
This marriage date was found on a letter written by George Allen Warth on 5 August 1901 and placed in the Century Chest and opened in 2001 and now in the library, special collections of Colorado College.
Found on their website.

Starns Freeman
[email protected]

Delbert Thomson
Marjorie Neale
June 25,1933
Montrose Co
. [email protected]

Donald C. Gilbert
Lillian A. Smith
March 27 1929
Denver Colorado USA [email protected]

rolling a browning
manerva prichard
knox ky. usa
[email protected]
I am looking for the marriage date of rolling a. browning and manerva prichard of tn. also what is rolling's fathers name and where was he born. Rolling and manerva were married in knox co. ky. about 1850. what were their children's names and what was rolling's mothers name? Art

Morris WELCH
Mary Shelly
July 4, 1821
Greene Co. Illinios USA
[email protected]

Slocum Roberts
Madison Co Tenn UAS

Elmer Roy Robinson
Lela Lucille McIntire
16 may 1936
colorado united states [email protected]

terrance sandra
arapahoe colorado

Charles Alvin
Burris Myrtie Lee Vancil
Oct 12 ,1928
Custer Co. Oklahoma U.S.A.
[email protected]

john quincy canterbury
amy steward
june 21 1820
giles co. virginia U.S.A John Q.Canterbury son of Samuel Canterbury and Jane Dick

Albert W. Bethke
Rachel Sarah Wise
March 27, 1892
Oakland Co. Michigan U.S.A.
[email protected]
This taken from Mrs. Albert W. Bethke obituary but it cut out of paper so I don't which paper it was printed in. But was in 1944. Rachel's parents were John and Sarah Wise. Rachel was born April 15, 1868 in Tuscola Co., Michigan.

Howard L. Cobb
Irene Trimmer
August 27, 1947
Holly, Oakland Co. Michigan U.S.A.
[email protected]
Garden flowers and white candles decorated the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Trimmer Wednesday evening, August 27, for the marriage of their daughter, Irene, to Howard L. Cobb, sone of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cobb of Pawnee, Nebraska. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a satine gown with sweetheart neckline and short puffed sleeves. Her fingertip veil was edged with lace, and fastened in place with a tiara of seed pearls. She carried an arm bouquet of white roses with white satin streamers. Margaret Cobb, cousin of the bridegroom, as maid of honor wore an aqua and white organdy gown with a short veil of aqua net. She carried an arm bouquet of dark red gladioli. Francis Trimmer, cousin of the bride from Fenton, was best man. At the reception following the ceremony, Mrs. Wilbur Bigelow cut the three-tiered cake. Ann Baker and Doris Hooker assisted in serving. After their wedding trip, the couple will reside in Holly. Cut out from a newpaper, penciled in the date of
September 4, 1947
so I don't know which paper printed it.

Elliott Goodrich
Amelia Thomas
[email protected]
Elliott was listed as living in Telluride about that time. Amelia died in Aspen in 1906

Elliott Goodrich
Amelia Thomas
Colorado USA

Henry L. HOLT
Nannie M. AUTREY
06 Apr 1882
Arapahoe CO USA

21 Oct 1877
Arapahoe Colorado USA

Michael Mullin
Nora Gannon
March 12, 1902
Araphoe Colorado USA
[email protected]

Michael Mullin
Nora Gannon
March 12, 1902
Araphoe Colorado USA
[email protected]

anthony johson
jasmine james
araphoe colorado u.s.a

john mcmichael
carrie clark
march 11, 1907
[email protected]

Francis Marion
Blakely Sadie Mae Ketcham
06 May 1918
United States Colorado El Paso
[email protected]

Gordon Harold
Hovelsrud Reba Eileen Blakely
20 Dec 1941
Boulder Colorado USA
[email protected]

George Dunn
"Agnes Madill"
Otero Colorado

"George Dunn"
Agnes Madill
Otero Colorado USA
[email protected]

John K. Tunks
Roberta S. Auston
October 9, 1940
Colorado USA
[email protected]

Howard Henry Hause
Ruth E. Voiles
June 10, 1948
Weld Colorado Howard
Henry Hause b 1900 d 1956 Ruth E. Voiles b 1910 d 2002

Sam Broyers
Mary Opal
unknown unknown
CO United States of America

Starns Freeman
[email protected]

John Harden Craig
Jessie Jane McKinnon
September 1, 1906
Gunnison Colorado USA
[email protected]

Walter Richards
Henrietta Richards

Harry Leo Anderson
Phnina Ruth Matthewson
Denver Co
[email protected]
Harry and Ruth are my husband's grandparents. I have found where Ruth is buried in North Platte, but there is NO info on Harry. Where he came from or went to. They were living in Hershey, Ne. when their son Darryl was born. Nothing on him either. Any one know anything???Thanks

charles cooper caroline
Lena rosburg
November 6, 1886
colfax co ne usa

Benjamin Franklin Sammons
Ottie mae cobb
1935-36 A
nderson co sc usa
[email protected]
Yrying to find out if the marriage was in S.C. or Ga

joseph albert lapalme
olive roache circa
st lawrence co ny new york

Alexander M. Ross
Caroline Bain
1 Jan 1889
Huerfano Colorado USA

earl grazier
catherine grazier about
1920 denver colorado usa

morris t. john
norma sampson
August 31,1939
colorado usa
[email protected]
I have a wedding announcement reflecting this marriage, but my uncle-in-law never talked about it. I am assuming it didn't last.

Kenneth E Litzsinger
Alice Darlene Burke
June 15, 1952
Denver Colorado United States

James Coyle Higdon
Hazel May Davisson
December 18, 1935
Colorado USA
[email protected]
Married in Burlington, Colorado at the Courthouse. Wittnesses were Frank Davisson (Hazel's brother) and Anna Higdon Davisson (Coyles Sister) Coyle Higdon was the son of Martin Alexander Higdon, and Ethel Louvinda Kindred Higdon. Hazel was the daughter of George Washington Davisson, and Nora May Godfrey Davisson

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