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Iowa Marriage Records

These Iowa marriage records were submitted by GeneaLinks visitors.  While they are not official proof of the marriage, they do provide a place to start looking for the official records.  Some records do not have an email address.  Many visitors submit those extra records they wrote down just in case they might need them later.  In those cases, they do not have further information about the marriage.  Search our records

Phillip Ernest Helferich
Lottie Rose Buntenbach
August 15, 1906
Iowa USA
[email protected]
This is my husband's grandmother and grandfather. Does anyone have information re: either the bride's or grooms parents?

James Henry Carmony
Phebe Ann Frakes
March 31, 1873
Hamilton Iowa USA
[email protected]

James McCormick
Cynthia Ann Carmony
June 22, 1876
Wayne Iowa USA
[email protected]

John Elmer Morris
Elizabeth Millicent Durfey
March 9, 1910
Freemont Iowa USA
[email protected]

John Merl Durfey
Sarah Fennel
Fayette Iowa USA
[email protected]

James Weaver Durfey
Mary Myrtle Chabino
August 25, 1915
Mill Iowa
[email protected]

Horace Franklin
Sr. Durfey Araminta McCaffree
October 5, 1873
Freemont Iowa
[email protected]
Horace married Araminta after the death of his first wife Sarah Jane Hogue in March 1872.

Follett Sanders
Durfey Harriet A. Ward
Fayette Iowa
[email protected]

John Riley Walker
Louisa Carmony
July 4, 1876
Wayne Iowa
[email protected]

Smothers Claud Elmer
Bertha Anna Westpfahl
Sept 08, 1904
Fayette Iowa U.S.A.
[email protected]
They were married in Windsor(or Windson twp)Iowa

Elmer C. Smothers
Myrtle Ella Monroe
March 12 ,1908
Fayette Iowa U.S.A.
[email protected]
Claud used his mid, Name in This his second marriage he ran off on this marr. after 2yrs >>>

Daniel T. Miller
Clara M. Otwell
August 26, 1876
Clayton Iowa USA
[email protected]

Frederick E. Kube Adele M. Miller
December 14, 1919
Clinton Iowa U.S.
[email protected]

Mary Ann
November 11, 1850
Wapello Iowa United States
[email protected]

MAJOR Jacob A.
March 13, 1864
Wapello Iowa United States
[email protected]
Copy on file.

BORMAN Susanna
September 11, 1851
Wapello Iowa United States
[email protected]
Copy on file.

OSBORN Stephen
D. S. MAJOR Margaret
Jane March 9, 1854
Wapello Iowa United
States [email protected]
Copy on file.

James M.Dunn
Mary Sivalla Puryear
Aug 21, 1874
Van Buren Iowa USA
[email protected]
James M. Dunn b. circa 1856 location unknown.<br><br>Mary Sivalla Puryear b. 1854 in Iowa, d. 29 Feb. 1924 Abingdon, Iowa, daughter of Thomas and Anna Puryear, Kentucky.<br><br>James M. Dunn. d. 5 Mar. 1932,Ottumwa, Iowa and buried Brethren Cemetery, Ottumwa, IA.

Charles BRAY
Oct 29, 1902
Wright IA USA
[email protected]
Charles BRAY is son of Joseph Bray (b. England 1840, d. Galt, IA 1906) and Alice Marie Beckwith d. Dec 8, 1892 at age 39. Both buried Mount Hope Cemetery Dows, Iowa as is Will H Bray (bro to Charles) and a Mattie I assume to be wife of William H Bray and believe her to have been born a Bauge. Charles was born Reinbeck, IA and Pearl born Fremont, Illinois and her parents David Rubendall and Lucinda Sarber. Charles and Pearl were married Clarion Iowa, witnesses Mrs. S J Block, Mrs Tom Sturgeon, S J Beach Pastor

William H BRAY
Mattie BAUGE
Nov 24, 1903
Wright IA USA
[email protected]
William H BRAY 27 Dows Iowa was born Reinbeck,IA, father Joseph BRAY b. England, mother Alice Marie BECKWITH and William H BRAY md Mattie BAUGE at Clarion IA. Mattie's parents Joseph BAUGE and Julia HALVERSON.

Joseph BRAY
Alice Marie BECKWITH
Nov 22, 1873
Blackhawk IA USA
[email protected]
married at the Bride's fathers, Lincoln twp, Blackhawk county, IA. Alice Marie parents Horace BECKWITH and Prudence UNKNOWN

Martha A TURCH
Oct 14, 1903
Story IA USA
[email protected]
H D (Henry Densmore) BRYANT born to Sylvanus BRYANT and Harriet R FISHER (DAR records show her as Rachel Harriet FISHER). Parents of Martha Dana TURCH and Lucy J GIFFORD

George Henry SPENCER
Almatia Lauretta BRYANT
Dec 31, 1879
Story IA USA
[email protected]
GH SPENCER son of Isaac H, his grandfather also Isaac, Almatia (Allie)daughter of Sylvanus BRYANT and Harriet R (DAR shows her as Rachel Harriet) FISHER. Siblings of Almatia are Henry Densmore, Franklin P, Emma BRYANT

George H KERR
July 4, 1870
Story IA USA
[email protected]
Emma daughter of Sylvanus BRYANT and Harriet R (DAR shows her as Rachel Harriet) FISHER and Emma was b. Michigan. Siblings, Franklin P, Henry Densmore and Almatia Lauretta BRYANT

Franklin P BRYANT
Mary Janet GREEN
Jan 29, 1879
Story IA USA
[email protected]
Franklin parents Sylvanus BRYANT, Harriet R (DAR shows her as Rachel Harriet) FISHER, his siblings, Henry Densmore, Emma, Almatia Lauretta BRYANT.

Charles C. Brannen
Margaret E. Williams
Jan 17, 1870
Monroe Iowa USA
[email protected]

John R. Brannen
Emily Hardy
Nov 19, 1895
Boone Iowa USA
[email protected]

John R. Brannen
Katherine B. Condon
Apr 14, 1904 Polk IA USA
[email protected]

James W. Peterson
Myrtle G. Brannen
Jan 31, 1903
[email protected]

Earnest Brannen
Hilda F. Freberg
Jul 17, 1904
[email protected]

Dwight Kirk
Ruth A. Brannen
Nov 21, 1923
[email protected]

John Paul Brannen
Ilene Slaymaker
Dec 26, 1948
[email protected]

Brannen, Fred R.
Evelyn M. Jeffress
Apr 06, 1936
[email protected]

Bernard Brannen
Edna E. Allison
Jun 08, 1938
[email protected]

Edward L. Brewster
Maxine Brannen
Nov 12, 1938
[email protected]

Bernard Brannen
Edna E. Allison
Jun 08, 1938 Polk IA USA
[email protected]

John R. Brannen
Margaret E. Williams
Jan 27, 1870
Monroe IA USA
[email protected]
This is a correction. Correct date is  27 Jan 1870.

George Brewster Alice
Grace Miller
[email protected]

Carl Eugene Massey
Betty Lou Varner
November 8,1947
Clinton Iowa United States
Betty Lou (Varner) Massey died on March 20, 1979<br>in Redmond, Washington. Her parents are<br>Arthur Burnett Varner (b. Oct. 16, 1906-d. May 27, 1992 in<br>Maquoketa, Jackson Co.) & Carrie Mae (Arterberry) Varner <br>b. Oct. 27, 1913, still living as of 11/15/00.<br><br>Carl Eugene Massey, Sr. b. April 2, 1925 (Still living, remarried<br>to Vi (Northrup) Bedell Massey. His parents were<br>Elman Russell Masscey (b. July 12, 1902-d. Nov. 19, 1963) & <br>Nettie Eliza (Rannals) Masscey/Massey (b. May 6,<br>1892-d. Feb. 19, 1971, Redmond Washington).

Charles Wesley Cox
Emma Lena Watson
April 25, 1917
Clarion, Iowa USA
[email protected]

Francis M. Cue
Martha Jane Cason
March 2, 1876
Warren County Iowa
[email protected]

Thomas W. Evans
Sarah Ann Thomas
April 24, 1875
Adair County Iowa
[email protected]

John Allen Evans
Rosella Cue
October 7, 1896
Adair County Iowa
[email protected]

Jesse L. Keller
Susan Porter
Aug 9, 1869
Appanoose IA USA
[email protected]

Charles Wilson Hannah
Elizabeth Porter
Jan 10, 1878
Appanoose IA USA
[email protected]

Edward Wise Porter
Laura B. Bradley
Appanoose IA USA
[email protected]

Louis Herman Benjegerdes
Frances F. J. Koolman
Feb. 15, 1933
Osceola Iowa U.S.

Solomon Thomas Perkins
Nancy Janette Warren
[email protected]
Nancy Janette Warren was 14 yrs old when she married Solomon Thomas Perkins.. She was born in Feb. 1865 in Marion, Iowa. Her father is listed on her D/C as Lewis Warren. No mother is listed. I believe she was married in Iowa in 1879. , and immediately left for Neb. because I found her on the 1880 Census.. She also went under the nickname of Nettie.. I have hit my brickwall.. Hope someone can help...

Henry H. Betts
Mary E. Barker
Septmeber 20, 1900

David J. Barker
Olive Christopher

Davis, John N
Barrett, Jenette
Jul 15, 1881
Delaware IA USA
[email protected]
They were married by L. M. Whiting in Manchester, Delaware, IA.

Birdsell, William
Ellis, Mariah
April 15 1857
Linn County Iowa USA
[email protected]
This is taken from a copy of the marriage record. William and Mariah were each 24 years old. They were married by A. Manson, Minister.

Milton Heywood SHERWOOD
Jan 23, 1892
Boone Boone, Iowa

Milton Heywood SHERWOOD
Stena Katharine AUEN
Mar 2, 1912

Elizabeth W. DAVIS
Nov 20, 1856
Clinton County Iowa

William Wayne Nutt
Ella Ferris Moss
July 22, 1913
Monona IA

Jasper William Nutt
Elizabeth Carroll
Dec 21, 1887
Monona IA

Martin Van Buren Nutt
Josephine Bouslaugh
Sep 10, 1861
Monona IA

Orville Dean Nutt
Annabelle Heisler
Nov 8, 1948
Monona IA

LeRoy Cleve
Bennett Opal Moss
Nov. 4, 1937
Monona IA

Tyler Boone
Mary Nutt
Nov 18, 1860
Boone IA

Elias Nutt Martha
Emily Carroll
Oct 11, 1893
Monona IA

Thomas O. Carroll
Ida Nutt
Feb 19, 1896
Monona IA

George W. Crooks
Rebecca A. Nutt
July 19, 1860
Boone IA

Isaac Cooper
Nutt Lucretia Hull
Mar 2, 1871
Boone IA

Henry David Nutt
SarahMartha Hull
Jan 29, 1871
Boone IA

Jessie Carter Melton Sarah
Melvina Nutt
Apr 19, 1851
Polk IA

Clarence Chris Nicholaisen
Opal Moss
Dec 28, 1924
Sioux City IA

John Henry Nutt
Laura Effie Robbins
Nov 25, 1888
Monona IA

Lewis Sammons
Viola Estella Nutt
Jan 4, 1888
Monona IA

William Moss Ella
Haven Evila
June 15, 1891
Monona IA

john s. foote
anna m. drawbaugh
johnson iowa usa

Joseph E. Frazier
Clarissa C. Johnson
October 15, 1858
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

Jacob Francoy
Haworth Isabell Frazier
October 31, 1876
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

Napoleon Bonaparte Close
Martha A. Frazier
September 1882
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

Isaac Frazier
Rebecca A. Wright
November 16, 1865
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

Daniel Frazier Elizabeth
Ann Hollingsworth
December 22, 1866
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

Milton R. Johnson
Rachel Frazier
January 01, 1854
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

William Frazier
Margaret Youtt
March 04, 1875
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

William Frazier
Margaret Youtt
March 04, 1875
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

charles c brannen
margaret esther williams
january 27, 1870
monroe iowa usa
[email protected]
Charles is the father of John R. Brannen. Charles married Margaret Williams

William QUEEN
September 4 1852
Guthrie IA

Joshua Tumeric Adair
Eliza Amelia Rickman
October 10 1869
monona Iowa united states
[email protected]

Russell Moylan
Frances Harney
June 14, 1942
Muscatine Iowa USA
[email protected]

Edward Moylan
Anna Fitzpatrick
April 12, 1869
Iowa USA
[email protected]
Married at St. Mary's Church in Wilton, Iowa.

George Harney
Margaret McCarthy
February 21, 1900
Muscatine Iowa USA
[email protected]

James M. Harney
Mary Ann Teefy
April 12, 1869
Johnson Iowa USA
[email protected]
St. Patrick's Church in Iowa City, Iowa.

Jonathan Pratt Vincent
Caroline Moorhead
1 Oct 1855
Lucas IA usa

Tollen, Roy Jahnke, Helen
Montgomery Iowa USA
[email protected]
married in a public wedding held at the Armory in Red Oak. 3 couples were married.

Harold Olaf Sandberg
Pearl Dora Hansen
June 29, 1940
Lyon Iowa USA
[email protected]
They were married at the Lutheran Church in Rock Rapids, IA.
They were from Sioux Falls, SD and spent their honeymoon day at the Japanese Gardens in Sioux Falls.

Charles H. Johns
Mary E. Sage
August 8,1946
Black Hawk Iowa USA

Jack G Chronig M.
Helen Byrne
Novenber 15,1945
cedar rapids Iowa united states
[email protected]
Married at coe college in cedar rapids

Jack G. Chronic M.
Helen Byrne
November 15, 1945
Cedar Rapids Iowa United States
[email protected]
married at coe college, cedar rapids. Correction to previous record

Russell W. Jordan
Lois I. Smith
April 30 1946
Iowa USA
[email protected]
This is a correction on a previous submission. The date is 1946 not 1996. Also, Russell was known as johnny.

Peirce Looreign Margaret
Jane Giles
March 21, 1874
Cambridge IOWA USA
[email protected]
Margaret Jane GILES lived inMedora/Watt Twp. Muskoka District, Ontario prior to her marriage.

Otto Franklin Zentz Leona
Eliza Kroeger
unknown unknown IA USA
[email protected]
I do not know the county in which they were married, but they lived shortly therafter in Souix City.
They had three children--Lucille, Loise, and LaVonne.

Edward King
Emily Martin
? Buchanan Iowa usa

william mackrell,
26 April 1935
Iowa United States
[email protected]
I don't know if my grandmother used MACKRELL or PORTEOUS as her maiden name.
She may have used MACKRELL PORTEOUS.
She was born ourt of wedlock and later found who her father was.
On my mother's birth certificate it has MACKRELL PORTEOUS.
I believe they were married in AMES, IOWA.
I'm sorry I don't know what county that is.
I can tell you just about anywhere in Texas.
<br><br>Thanking you in advance for your time and cooperation.
It is greatly appreciated.<br><br>Cathe Leach<br>Texas

George H. Beemer
Mary "Emma" Beemer
March 1, 1885
Iowa Iowa USA
[email protected]
George H. was a son of Alpheus Henry & Margaret (Randolph) Beemer. "Emma" was a daughter of Henry Baltzell & Elizabeth Ann(Rumple)Risdon.

Frank M. Kannarr
Mattie Heble
September 23,1936
Page Iowa USA
[email protected]
Married at Shenandoah, Iowa.

Fred J. Clark Elsie
Dollie Beemer
March 18,1896
Taylor Iowa USA
[email protected]
She a daughter of Judson & Esther Ann (Miller) Beemer.

Harl Sturm
Ollie Myrtle Beemer
February 15, 1911
Taylor Iowa USA
[email protected]
Married at Bedford, Iowa. She a daughter of Simeon Bryan & Alice May (Whitecotton)Beemer.

Simeon Bryan Beemer
Jr. Mary Ethel Smith
March 17,1917
Union Iowa USA
[email protected]
He a son of S.B.,SR. & Alice May (Whitecotton) Beemer. Mary E., a daughter of Charles Henry &Annie Laurie (Hamblin) Smith.

Walter Edwin Blair
Nellie Beemer
September 11, 1918
Taylor Iowa USA
[email protected]
Walter, a son of William C. & Amanda (?) Blair. Nellie, a daughter of Simeon Bryan & Alice May (Whitecotton) Beemer.

Judson J. Beemer
Ferne N. Coy
Feb.20 1919
Page Iowa USA
[email protected]
He a son of Seeley J. & Mary A.(Cram(e)) Beemer. Ferne a daughter of ewis Ashford & Anne Belle (?) Coy.

Simeon Bryan Beemer
Alice May Whitecotton
March 24, 1886
Taylor Iowa USA
[email protected]

Simeon Bryan
Beemer Alice May Whitecotton
March 24,1886
Taylor Iowa USA
[email protected]
He a son of Judson & Esther Ann (Miller) Beemer. Alice a daughter of Frank & Sarah (Wolfe) Whitecotton. They married at Gravity, Iowa.

Seeley J. Beemer
Mary Cram(e)January 15, 1889
Taylor Iowa USA
[email protected]
Seeley was a son of Judson &esther Ann (Miller) Beemer.

George Everett Beemer
Jessie Whipple
November 17,1914
Taylor Iowa USA
[email protected]
Married at Sharpsburg, Iowa. He a son of Seeley J. & Mary A. Cram(e)Beemer. Jessie a daughter of Clyde M. & Minerva (Martin) Whipple.

Homer Johnston Beemer
Grace Olive Johnson
March 20,1918
Page Iowa USA
[email protected]
Married in Clarinda, Iowa by Rev. Roy Snodgrass. Homer, son of George Washington & Florence "Erdine"(Johnston) Beemer.

Horace Huff Beemer
Elma Agatha Farrens
April 21,1934
Union Iowa USA
[email protected] Married at Creston, Iowa. He a son of George Washington & Florence Erdine (Johnston) Beemer.

Peter Francisco Randolph
Mary Irving
March 26, 1913
Mahaska Iowa USA
[email protected]
He a son of James & Lydia J. (Sisco)Randolph of Jefferson Twp., Franklin County, Ohio. James to Lee Co., IL after 1860.

Rinaldo S.
Miller Florence J. Francisco
December 22,1875
Marion Iowa USA

William Stevens
Elizabeth Adams
April 22, 1852
Dallas Iowa USA
[email protected]

Henry Richmond Dean
Charlotte E. Loper
Boonsboro, Boone County Iowa USA

J. C. Harmon
Martha A. Harmon
Black Hawk IA USA
[email protected]
These two individuals are my husband's GG-GF & GG-GM. All family records I have give this date and place. How can I verify the marriage.

benjamin f dwight
mary alice mythina
april 21, 1908
appanoose iowa us
[email protected]
am researching ancestors from iowa area, anyone with info. about DWIGHT, MYTHINA,(possibly MATHENEY),BUTLER please e-mail me. my name is nicola. thanks!

George W. Brundage
Julia A. Ferow
4 Feb. 1877
Clinton Iowa
[email protected]
Does anyone have information on the birde's parents. Julia was born in NY on
11 Sep. 1856.

DAWSON, Joshua
Boone Iowa USA
[email protected]

PARKER, William Emery
STOREY, Amelia
Marion Iowa USA
[email protected]
Amelia was also known as Millie and Mildred

PARKER, Lester Emery
WILKIN, Luella Ada
Warren Iowa USA
[email protected]

JONES, Gwendolyn
Boone Iowa USA
[email protected]

Madison Iowa USA
[email protected]

DUFF, Newton V
Madison Iowa USA
[email protected]

gene murfin
helen livingston
polk iowa united states

Ole Olson 
Maria Kittleson June 9, 1873 Winneshiek Iowa USA [email protected] This record is taken from a Certificate of Vital Records for the state of Iowa. Maria Kittleson's fathers name was Ole Kittleson.

lorenzen kroger 1906 iowa united states

Frederick D Russie Sarah E Stoner 6/05/1906 Woodbury Iowa USA [email protected]

Samuel McCully Rachel Fredrica Tieman 1856 Hamilton Ohio U.S.A.

Donald Albin Wallace Eleanor Louise Darnall June 26, 1928 Polk Iowa USA [email protected] Donald Albin Wallace, son of Guy Reuben Wallace and Lillian Mae Albin Eleanor Louise Darnall, daughter of Orion Albert Darnall and Jenney Rebecca Rollinson

Gordon McGlothlin Eleanore Jennings 9 Dec 1944 Mason City Iowa USA [email protected]

thomas watts
maggie davis
september 23 1891
apponose ia usa

peter bachenberg
anna elizbeth lotspeich
october 3,1853
desmoines iowa usa
[email protected]

Donald C. Buzzard
Mildred J. Knowles
Iowa blackhawk [email protected]

Joseph Galich
Dorothy (Gibson)
Dont Know Dont Know Iowa or Nebraska USA
[email protected]
I am looking for the son of Joseph Galich and I believe Dorothy (Not sure if last name was Gibson).
Bride was maybe originally from Omaha Nb. Would have married in late 30's or early 1940's.
I believe that their son would be my Half-Brother.
I would think he could possibly be in his mid 60's.
He may have been adopted if his mother remarried.
I would sure like to find him.
If you know of this marriage and/or birth, please contact: [email protected]
Thank you.

Joseph Klingel
Katherine Merklin
March 15, 1895
Iowa Estherville. Iowa

Mildred I.OMEY
April 1939
Iowa USA

Roy Snakenberg
Neta Sarver5/1/1938Keokuk Iowa Usa

Edward B. Johnston
Nancy Ellan Brown
July 4 1875
Taylor Iowa Usa
[email protected]
Just updating my Email address

tague ed*
dempsey ella

Joseph Hunt
Ella Darrin
January 24, 1876
Hamilton Iowa USA
[email protected]
Any assistance concerning who Ella's parents were and why Joseph and Ella were in Iowa would be greatly appreciated.

Charles BRAY
Oct 29, 1902
Wright, IA Iowa USA
[email protected]
Charles BRAY is son of Joseph Bray (b. England 1840,(1900 Wright Co. census says Sept 1841) d. Galt, IA 1906) and Alice Marie Beckwith d. Dec 8, 1892 at age 39. Both buriedMount Hope Cemetery Dows, Iowa. Charles was born Reinbeck, IA and Pearl born Fremont, Illinois and her parents David Rubendall and Lucinda Sarber. Charles and Pearl were married Clarion Iowa, witnesses Mrs. S J Block, Mrs Tom Sturgeon, S J Beach Pastor REPOSTING TO HAVE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS HERE

William H BRAY
Mattie BAUGE
Nov 24, 1903
Wright IA USA
[email protected]
William H BRAY 27 Dows Iowa was born Reinbeck, IA, July 12, 1876 and died May 26, 1961, Mower County, MN, buried Fairview Cemetery, Wright County Iowa. (Initially believed him and wife Mattie to be buried Mount Hope Cemetery) father Joseph BRAY b. England, mother Alice Marie BECKWITH and William H BRAY md Mattie BAUGE at Clarion IA. Mattie's parents Joseph BAUGE and Julia HALVERSON. Mattie born 09/05/1882, Story County, IA and died 03/24/1955, Mower County, MN. Reposting to have correct email address here.

Joseph BRAY
Alice Marie BECKWITH
Nov 22, 1873
Blackhawk IA USA
[email protected]
married at the Bride's fathers, Lincoln twp, Blackhawk county, IA. Alice Marie parents Horace BECKWITH and Prudence Collins Beckwith. Reposting to have correct email address showing.

Joseph Randall
Mary "Polly"Howes
May11, 1858
Clayton Iowa USA
[email protected] Father's name: Joseph Randall Mother's Eleanor Fowler Children: George Alva Randall Edith Catherine "Kate" Randall Virgalen Randall

R.F. Chambers
Cora E. Zink
Dec 22, 1892
Jasper Iowa methodist minister

william roupe
ida mccullun
dewitt iawa

John Herbert Riley Bertha Mae Folsom July 27, 1918 Chariton Iowa [email protected]

Caleb Archer Lorinda Carpenter 28 Jul 1862 Jones Iowa

alex kuberski
clara gorman
about 1916
hoping to find a date. not sure of the county.

James Cecil Crawford
Audrey Vanscoy
PlymouthIowa USA

Reefe Charles McCard
Portia E. Grant
Nov.25, 1925
Jackson Iowa usa [email protected]

Albert Alexander
Apartha Seulier
August26, 1887
Wapello Co Iowa U.S.A
[email protected] My great grandparents

Melvin Callahan
Lorraine Ryder
Dubuque Iowa US

thomas mullally
margaret murphy
iowa usa [email protected]

Dallas Frederick
Maude A. Nordgren
11 Jan 1927
Agency Iowa USA Divorced

Stanley E. Cherry
Ana L. Frederick
7 Apr 1946
Chickasaw Iowa USA

frank white
ruth moore
page iowa usa

Caleb Eldridge
Mary Ellen Lawrence
Dec. 3 ,1882
Delaware Co. Iowa USA
nancy [email protected]

Jonathan Smith Clara
Rosaltha Lawrence
Oct. 14. 1883
` Delaware Iowa

Jonathan Smith
Clara Rosaltha Lawrence
Oct. 14 ,1883
Delaware Iowa USA
[email protected]

Leonard Gibbs Lawrence
Castine R. Reynolds
Dec 19, 1861
Delaware Iowa USA
[email protected]

Logan Herbert Meadows
Geraldine Mae Nims
Feb 15,1941
Red Oak IA USA
[email protected]
Logan was born on 23 Jul 1914 and died 12 Feb 1984 in Quimby, IA. Geraldine Nims was born 26 Apr 1924 in Primghar, IA. She is a twin with Bernadine Nims. Logan and Geraldine had 7 children: Mona, Kathy, Nancy, Trudy, Kevin, Karen, Karla. Logan was two other children from a previous marriage, Janie and Johnny (both deceased)

Jacob Trojahn
Anna Hilbert
Sep 1,1887
Dixon IA USA
[email protected]
Jacob was born in Barmstedt Germany. He came to America in 1878. He was born 10 Feb 1860 and died 30 Sep 1940 in Moneta IA. Anna Hilbert was born on June, 1865 in Dixon IA and died 26 Dec 1951 in Hartely IA.

John Henry Franklin
Barbara Nickels
- Harrison Co. Iowa USA
[email protected]
Looking for information on john h.franklin and barbara nickels from williams iowa

August Hoffman
Cora Kelling
Dec 23,1896
Wright Iowa USA
[email protected]

Jurgen Hioffmann
Cathrina Kuehl
Apr 8,1873
Scott IA USA
[email protected]

Frank Edward
Atkins Ray Hailey
? London UK
[email protected]

elijah pitcock
lucinda ellen reddish
sep 23, 1883
warren co iowa usa
[email protected]

James Floyd Morris
Ella Jewell Fulbight
March 19, 1939
Audubon Iowa USA
[email protected]

Amzi Gerald Hicks
Ann Jannett (Nettie J.) Atkins
September 22, 1891
Bedford Co. Iowa Usa
[email protected]
Amzi Hicks Died November 19, 1902 in New Market Iowa. Was Born Febuary 22, 1863 in Taylor Co. Iowa to Robert M, and Mary E Hicks. If any one has any information on this family please email me.

Thomas William Everman
Edna Hoversten
Mar 12, 1924
Iowa usa

Frank Elwood Drake
Elsie Mae Brown
18 sept. 1922
council bluffs iowa usa
[email protected]
I am looking for any information on my gr. grandparents.
They had one child together Gerald Drake who passed away 2001.
Frank died year 1977, Elsie 1988/1989.
Elsie remarried his name was Walter Marshell.

Claus Hans Conrad Rissmann
Christine Doratia Klieber
March 28, 1884
Scott County Iowa USA
[email protected]
I'm currently attempting to find records of the passenger manifest when they entered this country between 1880-1883?

Henry C. Jones
Florence Henderson
Jan 1, 1872
Marshall IA
[email protected]
Great-grandparents of Dorsey DeHart Davis Jones (1934-2001)

Joseph Hirschberg
Marie Volkmer
Feb. 1908
Calhoun Iowa U.S.A.
[email protected]
I am searching for information on my Grandparents.
They were borm in Batzdorf, Czech-republic, 1880 and 1885.

Charles O. Hurlburt
Emma Lena Mulford
Page Co Iowa USA
[email protected]
Charles and Emma had 3 children.
Nellie was b.11/18/1882 in Iowa. Jessie b.2/1888, Mayrillah b. 5/1891 both b. in Junction City, Oregon Charles was drowned 6/16/1891 in the Willamette River, just out of Eugene,OR.
After his death Emma remarried a MR. Crane either in OR or IA.
She took her children back to IA after Charles death.
Nellie m. James Prentiss McCloy.
Jessie has fallen off of the face of the earth.
I haven't been able to find him any where.
Mayrillah was back in Juction City teaching school in 1912, in Junction City, OR.
I would like to find anyone connected to Jessie or Mayrillah.

William A. Crooks
Prob. Henry or Jefferson Iowa United States

William Yager Waterbury
Clara Josephine Hepker
8 Aug 1891
[email protected] William Yager Waterbury was born on 11 May 1871 in Toddville, Iowa.

Arnold Christensen
Flo Cook
Marhall Co Iowa USA
[email protected]

Keller, Philip
Arbogast, Emily C.
04/10/1867 Appanoose IA USA [email protected] Family lived in the Numa, Iowa area until approximately 1879 when they relocated to Kansas.

Henry John Dankert
Lorena Louise Dankert
July 30, 1939
Mahaska Iowa USA
[email protected]
Married in Montezuma, IA

William Alvord
Lydie C. Kisling
Benton Iowa USA

Joseph Aaron Alvord
Mahala C. Roszell
Benton Iowa USA

Ross Philbert
Harriet Haswell Shore
April 14, 1931
Jackson Iowa usa
Know from Family Bible they were married. Mr. Philbert died shortly after, and I can find no records anyplace else.
Anyone having information, please contact me. Thank you.

George Edward Bryant
Sarah Jane Smith
Mar 15, 1863
Taylor Iowa US
[email protected]
Shortly after their marriage, George Edward Bryant and Sarah Jane Smith, as well as Sarah's brother & Sister David & Mary Ann Smith, moved to Oregon.

Absalom Garren
Julia Ann Cordell
Mar 8, 1861
Taylor Iowa US
[email protected]

Jacob Ross
Sarah C. Garren
Dec 31, 1865
Taylor Iowa US
[email protected]

David Garrean
Margaret Ann McCready
Sep 16, 1860
Taylor Iowa US
[email protected]
Solemnized by Justice of the Peace David S. Sleeth. Both David & Margaret are buried in Thurman Cemetery in Thurman, Fremont Co., IA.

Charles Morris Chambers
Sarah Elizabeth Garrean
Jan 17, 1881
Fremont Iowa US
[email protected]

Samuel Wood
Mahsia Garon
Mar 7, 1850
Washington Iowa US
[email protected]

George W. Garren
Arminda Garren
Dec 15, 1865
Taylor Iowa US
[email protected]

Wilbur Dailey
Mary A. Garrow
Jan 9, 1881
Taylor Iowa US
[email protected]

james martin
grace summers
monroe iowa united states
[email protected]

Daniel Richards
Jessie Martin
December 18. 1896
Mahaska Iowa U.S.A.
[email protected]
Grooms Parents, John Richards and Elizabeth Van Vliet Brides Parents, Barnard Martin and Catherine Croft Grooms Age 25yrs, Brides Age 19

Peter Richards
Maggie M. Martin
December 24, 1891
Mahaska IOWA U.S.A.
[email protected]
Grooms Parents, John Richards and Elizabeth Van Vliet Brides Parents, Barnard Martin and Catherine Croft Grooms Age,25 Brides age, 22

Ernest Lehman
Katherine Brown
20 June 1923
Iowa USA
copy of marriage certificate

David Earl Edwards
Lilly May Musgrove
November 1948
Mahaska Iowa USA
[email protected]

Frank Edwards
Millie Furnald
Mahaska Iowa USA
[email protected]

Thomas Orlando MOSSMAN
Pearl Maud SHELDON
24 Nov 1920
Iowa United States

Andrew Jackson MOSSMAN
Sarah Jane REEP
25 June 1872
Hardin Iowas USA

john h carver
elizabeth a adams
1 nov 1859
johnson iowa usa Looking for parents names

tobias castor
catherine hunt
benton iowa usa

horace studley
adelyn chamberlain
nov 1941
usa waterloo iowa

Clarence DeSackett Pierce
Rhoda Morton
[email protected]
Rhoda Morton was daughter of Luther Morton of DuPage Co. Ill.

Clarence DeSackett Pierce
Rhoda Morton
[email protected]
Rhoda Morton was daughter of Luther Morton of DuPage Co. Ill.

John Clara

Thomas Edward
Hughes Jr. Pauline Roberts
Iowa USA
[email protected]

Harry Howard
Roberts Jessie
Mae Strutz
Iowa USA
[email protected]

terrel guillory
unknown unknown

Thomas Edward
Hughes Jr. Pauline Roberts
Iowa USA
[email protected]

Harry Howard
Roberts Jessie
Mae Strutz
Iowa USA
[email protected]

John Wesley Bennett
Clarissa Clementine Bonnett
Nov. 25, 1886
Manhaska Iowa USA
[email protected]
John is the son of Benjamin C. Bennett born 1824 in Ohio and Sarah Ann Chedister born June 16, 1836 in Doddridge, Virginia. Clarissa is the daughter of Marshall Fitzhugh Bonnett and Levina Ronk. John and Clarissa had the following children: George William, Cora Mae, Elmer Leo, Charles Newton, Effie Lucinda, John Edward, Fred Grayson, Guy Marshall, Benjamin Lester and Jessie Clementine. If you are connected to any of the above please feel free to email me.

dennis gaylor
carrie b. ferrand
april 1938
caldwell la

dennis gaylor
carrie b. ferrand
april 1938
caldwell la usa
not sure of date

Leroy Williams
Bessie Eliza Anderson
Dec 21, 1893
Mills IA USA
Oldest daughter of William H. Anderson and Eliza J., siblings: Annie L, William H, Ella J. (possibly "Lizzie"), James R. (possibly Randolph), Ada Vivian, John R. (possibly Randolph), Helen L.

Warren Arthur McCarns
Mary Frances Gehl
March 6, 1939
[email protected]

Dec 18, 1992
l.a. eunice
[email protected]

Warren Arthur McCarns
Mary Frances Gehl
6 March 1939
Clinton Iowa U.S.
[email protected]

Warren Arthur McCarns
Mary Frances Gehl
March 6,1939
Clinton Iowa U.S.
[email protected]

Alfred Madison Carpenter
Mariah Priscilla Schoonover
October 25, 1871
Iowa United States
[email protected]
My great-grandfather, Alfred Madison Carpenter, married Mariah Priscilla Schoonover 10-25-1871 in Vinton, Iowa. They had 6 children: Frank Madison, Fred Suel, Mattie Belle, Ira, Ida, and Jesse David who died at the age of 2yrs. If you have any info on the ancestors of Alfred Madison Carpenter, please share. Thanks, Bonnie ([email protected])

David G Hartley
Hazel Agnes Smith
app. 1920 Iowa USA
[email protected]

fredrick delp
catherine kehn
iowa united states

delos wilbur
helen ppowers

James Harlan Ketcham Alcinda
May Hedgecock
19 Feb 1891
United States Iowa Appanoose
[email protected]

Jeremiah[Jerry] Jennings
Emma Dawson
13 Mar 1883
United States Iowa Fremont
[email protected]

James Albert Jennings
Claire Amber Applegate
23 Sep 1917
United States Iowa Fremont
[email protected]

Victor King Leffler
Bessie Ethel Jennings
06 Sep 1917
United States Iowa Fremont
[email protected]

Levi Lawrence Jennings
Icie Lena Leeper
09 Jun 1919
United States Iowa Fremont
[email protected]

Eva Harrison Webster
Clara Alice Jennings
09 Jun 1919
United States Iowa
[email protected]

Absolom Sappenfield
Tabitha Sinks
27 Oct 1869
Jefferson Iowa
this is correct state, it was my mistake

Moses Stater
Mary Ellen Sinks
20 Oct 1869
Jefferson Iowa
this is correct state, it was my mistake

James A. Hyde
Doris Minton
Sep 4, 1922
Cerro Gordo IA USA
[email protected]
The original State of Iowa Marriage Certificate (State of Iowa, County of Cerro Gordo) reads: "This certifies that Mr. James A. Hyde of Ventura in the State of Iowa and Miss Doris Minton of Ventura in the State of Iowa were at Clear Lake in said County by me joined together in Holy Matrimony on the 4th day of September A.D. 1922." The minister is listed as F. S. Jory; witnesses were two members of the Abel family. James Amos Hyde, 1899 - 1952, (son of John Amos Hyde and Betsy Thronson) and Doris Marie Minton, 1900 - 1982, (daughter of Ernest Minton and Edeth M. Pierce) were each born and died in Ventura, Cerro Gordo County, IA.

Ernest Minton Edith
M. Pierce
Jan 9, 1897
Cerro Gordo IA USA
[email protected]
The orignal marriage certificate states: "This certifies that on the 9 day of Jan in the year 1897 Ernest Minton (and) Edith M. Pierce were united by me in the Bond of Marriage at Mason City, Iowa." J. A. Davis, Pastor M. E. Church. Witnesses to the event were Louis Gossman and Mary Gossman. Ernest Minton, 1868 - 1949, (son of Henry P. Minton and Martha E. Moon) and Edith M. Pierce, 1868 - 1925, (daughter of Harvey J. Pierce and Clara Elizabeth Bliss) lived in Ventura, Cerro Gordo, IA.

William Riggs
Rachel Davis

Melvin riggs
Eula Johnson
December 25 , 1928
Decatur Iowa

Ray M McFarlane
Myrtle Corbin
Dec 15, 1908
Fayette Iowa United States
[email protected]

Guy Sickels V
Ivan Devore
Sept 30, 1907
Taylor Iowa United States
[email protected]

Nov 20, 1920

edward brewster
maxine brannen
november 12 ,1938
polk iowa usa
[email protected]

Leon E. Lynch
Marie Miner
Jones Iowa USA

malcom Sherwin
Emma Smith
Iowa usa 

George G. Drennan
Rachel Dysart
Mahaska Iowa USA

Barclay Johnson Charles
Sarah Ann Dysart
Jasper Iowa USA

W. E. Arnold
Martha Jane Dysart
Jasper Iowa USA

Henry Sinks
Ursula Hollingworth
Oct 11 ,1838
Ohio she was born abt 1807

Arp, John
Cook, Sylvia
Iowa USA
[email protected] Sylvia's maiden name was Atkins.

Philip Hilterbrand
Mary Taylor
Oct. 19 1892
Benton Iowa United States
[email protected]
She was thedaughter of John Taylor and Katherine Felker of Vinton, Iowa. Hergrandparents were John and Ann Eliza Felker of Vinton.

Harley Orville Du Bois
Mae Virginia Fountain
Jan1 1900 Clay IA USA
[email protected]

Daniel P. Smith
Ella Stebbins
May17 1879
Story Iowa USA
[email protected]
Daniel Paddock Smith was a son of AaronSmith (1818-1885) & Sarah Paddock. Aaron Smith was a s/op DanielSmith (1793-1869( & Elizabeth Ogden (c1799-1843) of Plain Twp.,Franklin Co., Ohio.

black hawk iowa

john d. williams
florice i. props
october 1943
iowa usa
[email protected]

Charles Simmons
Mary Sinks
unk Iowa

Clarence Edwin
Basart Bertha L. Brown
Dallas Co., Iowa USA

Ferry Lewis Basart
Edna Leola Twombley
Polk (probably) Iowa USA

Newton Jasper Brown
Vesta Cordelia DuFerry
Muscatine Co. Iowa USA

John Smith
Anna Johnson
March 12, 1887
Wright Iowa USA
[email protected]
John Smith (Johan Schmidt) married Anna Margaret Johnson (Anna Margaret Janssen).

George W Foote
Estelle Olive Homer
November 4,1888
Pottawatamie IA
[email protected]

Stephen Benjamin Rawlings
Bessie Alice Mitchell
nov 30, 1920
Fremont Iowa USA

Abner F King
Nan Rawlings
August 18,1886
Fremont Iowa USA

Edward Bolen Rawlings
Nancy Eunice Pierce
January 26, 1910 Fremont Iowa Usa

Edward Bolen Rawlings
Mary King
November 18, 1886
Fremont Iowa USA

John William
CRAIG Kittie Nora
November 20, 1918
Palo Alto IA USA
[email protected]
They were my grandparents. Trying to do a family tree. Am trying to locate the parents names of John William CRAIG.

John Martin
Catherine Major
April 23, 1889
Appanoose Iowa United States
[email protected]

John T. Barnett
Amy A. Martin
MAY 18, 1856
Keokuk Iowa USA
[email protected]

david s mcmillin
melinda Sheldon October 23,1865
Lost Nation Iowa

Charles Everett
Arvill Dodd
Montgomery County Iowa USA
[email protected]
just in case Parents of Flora Beatrice Everett Stennett

s c ross margaret (maggie)
alice kuhns
Jan 11, 1877
lee county iowa united states
[email protected]
I believe that s ross had a farm in Cedar, Lee County, Iowa. He was Margaret's first husband. He passed away around 1880. They had one son together---Royal Howard Ross born Sept 27, 1877 in Franklin Township. Maggie went on to marry widower James Kilbride and move to Missouri to have more family. She passed away in 1899 in missouri.

James Samuel Kilbride Margaret (Maggie)
Alice (Kuhns) Ross
Jan 2, 1882
Lee County Iowa United States
[email protected]
This is a second marriage for both----James lost his first wife Josephine Cananda and Maggie lost her first husband S C Ross. They both came to their marriage with childen. James and Josephine had already had at least 5 and Maggie had one son named Royal Howard Ross. They went on to have at least 7 more children together. They started out together in Lee County Iowa, but then moved to Kirksville Missouri area where they settled.

James Carr
Jeanette Cooper
Iowa USA

1870 iowa united states

Vern Comer
Alice Melchert
June 2, 1926
Marshall Iowa USA
[email protected]
George Vern Comer, s/o George Comer and May Sisco [Ada May], age 24, born Beatrice, Nebraska; occup- core maker; 2nd marriage; resid. Marshalltown, Iowa. Alice Melcher, d/o Fred Melcher & Olive Lord; age 19, born & resid. Marhalltown, Iowa; 1st marriage.

Gus Dewey Weber
Vera Marie Comer
July 10, 1918
Marshall Iowa USA
[email protected]
Gus D., s/o Gus K. Weber & Ann Louise Dieterick; born & residing- Marshalltown, Iowa. Vera Marie Comer, d/o George L. Comer & Ada May Sisco; born Fairbury, Nebraska. Marriage performed by- B. L. Burnett, J. P. Consent of Mrs. A. Ritterbush. [Mother of the bride, DKA]

Clarence Brenton Kirby
Anna Lydia Daugherty
Dec 26,1906
Des Moines Iowa USA
[email protected]

Josephus S Kirby
Hattie Anderson
Aug 9,1882
Des Moines Iowa USA
[email protected]
This was Clarence's second wife. He first married Barbara Alice Fisher on 11 Feb 1873 in Henderson County, Illinois.

Leonard B. Lovewell
Leora Miranda
approx 1934
Muscatine Iowa United States
[email protected]
I am looking for my parents marriage date. I have their wedding picture and it was taken in Muscatine, Iowa. I would like to obtain a copy of their marriage certificate before our family reunion at Lovewell state park in Jewell county, Kansas. My name is Josephine Darlene (Lovewell) Thiel and I am their daughter.

Edwin C. Lickiss
Lena Franklin
Iowa USA
Have decendant info on this marriage

Edwin C. Lickiss
Lena Franklin
Iowa USA
[email protected]
Mail for decendant info

Richard Gaughen
Ann Gorman
Iowa USA

joseph albertson
lucille elswick
September 23,1937
usa iowa monroe
[email protected]
the year may have 1939 and appanoose county may have been where teh mariage took place.

Tom Nick Oden
Elizabeth Emma Harbour
Octoberf 8, 1944
Appanoose Iowa United States
[email protected]
Married Methodist Church, Centerville, Iowa

Peter Murphy
Anna Mahannah
Oct 8, 1876
Iowa City Iowa
Peter and Anna were married at St. Bridget's Catholic Church in Victor, Iowa and lived there for near 50 years.

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