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Genealogy searchable databases online to help find your surnames and ancestors.  

  • Arkansas Land Records
  • Ancestor Archive   Ancestors' photos we found in antique shops or that were posted by visitors 
  • New Hampshire Biographies - These brief biographical sketches of the delegates to the New Hampshire Constitutional Convention of 1918 are found in The Brown Book of the Constitutional Convention of 1918
  • Colonial Graduates of Harvard University
  • Find Your Family Tree  A free genealogy website designed to help you find missing branches of your family tree using Pedigree Resource File (PRF), a rapidly expanding collection of family trees submitted by people   worldwide to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Lost Female Ancestors  View and post queries about female ancestors
  • The Olden Times   Find old obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, old news stories,  old advertising, recipes, cartoons and humor, and more. All are scanned from my personal collection of original issues of 18th, 19th and early 20th century  newspapers from the U. S., England, Scotland, Australia & Ireland. 
  •  View and post marriage records  A compiled database of marriages submitted by visitors.
  • Surname Registry  A database of surnames being researched by visitors
  • Foreign-Born Voters of California - in 1872
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