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Phillip ernest Helferich, Lottie Rose Buntenbach, 8/15/1906
[email protected]
This is my husband's grandmother and grandfather. Does anyone have information re: either the bride's or grooms parents?

J. B. Calhoun, W. Fannie Bunton, 1882
Fulton, GA
Looking for a marriage date for Jim B. Calhoun and Winey Fannie Bunton circa 1880-82 in Fulton Co., GA. Family later migrated to TX.

earl w bunton, sarah e stege, april 4 1993
st charles, mo

John Samuel Buntin, Maude Mae Smith, June 17, 1915
Saline, Illinois
United States

John BUNTIN, Laura FITCH, 7 July 1831
Crawford, IL
FHL #874276

Edward Jones, Susan Rice, 26 Jan 1853
Tensas, La
married by William Bell JP at home of Capt. Buntz

george Lees, Elizabeth bunty, unknown
unknown, Penn.
[email protected]

James Bunton, Nancy Lockridge, 28 Jul 1797
Bourban, Ky

phelix fred bunt davis, willie greenhaw, 11 sept 1920
muskogee, okla
[email protected]
i have the marriage paper,searching for edward louis davis marriage to jessie ana weaver and their parents and birth place

Geo. STEPHENS, Annie BUNTING, 24 Feb 1892
Claiborne, MS

Elisha WHITE, Nancy BUNTIN, 25 Jun 1875
Union, TN


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