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John Ingersoll Draper, Ina Harkness, 14 April 1905
Malheur , Oregon
[email protected]

Isaac Cisco, Polly Draper, 29 July 1815
Roane , Tennessee

Malcolm Ward Draper, Janette Malloy, 05.05.1990
Edinburgh, Scotland
[email protected]

thomas draper, elizabeth snyder, between1860-62
[email protected]
Thomas draper was my great grandfather.Elizabeth was of pennsylvania dutch background.She was born in 1846.She gave birth to a daughter Maryann in Wisconsin in 1863,daughter Rhoda Elizabeth in 1865.The girls were baptized in the Wesleyan Methodist church in Oneida in Haldimand county,Ontario,Canada in 1866.This is where the family settled for good.My father believes Elizabeth,his grandmother died between 1920-25.Family lore says they married in Pennsylvania,but so far I haven't been able to locate any recordin Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. We do know they were already married by the time they settled in Ontario.Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania, but I'm not sure which county.Any e-mails to me regarding this family would be gratefully [email protected]

David Draper, Mary Quinn, 5 Jan 1824
Madison, Ala

Ruben DRAPER, Lucinda WILLIAMS, 5 Jan 1820
Roane, TN

William B. WYATT, Eliza J. DRAPER, 27 Feb 1867
Smith, TN


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