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George Addison MOODY, Retta Jane GRAY, 4 August 1900
Cass, Missouri
[email protected]

William Addison Smith, Leafy May Green, July 7, 1920
Gennesee, Michigan
[email protected]

ALEXANDER, Addison, LANDERS, Rosa E, 09-Apr-1889
Madison, Iowa
[email protected]

Clifford Addison Whitmer, Grace Mae Silvis, 14 Feb 1927
Armstrong, PA
[email protected]

Jedediah Varney, Hannah Hindes, July 9, 1810
Addison, Vermont

Parson Hindes, Joanna Hindes, 13 December 1818
Addison, Vermont

Joshua Whitney, Susannah Hindes, 6 December 1818
Addison, Vermont

James Hindes, Arminta Fuller, 2 November 1826
Addison, Vermont

Eliakim Crossman, Betsey Hindes, 1 January 1828
Addison, Vermont

Joel Dudley, Nancy Hindes, 1 January 1828
Addison, Vermont

Aaron Hindes, Betsey Willmarth, 26 August 1804
Addison, Vermont

Willmarth Hindes, Adeline Wood, 29 October 1828
Addison, Vermont

Aaron Hindes Jr., Betsey Mariah Hurd, 19 July 1832
Addison, Vermont

Joseph Addison Scarboro, Lucinda Gay Bowen, October 14, 1875
Bulloch County, Georgia
[email protected]
Theophilus Scarborough family of Georgia and Florida.

Son Absalom Scarboro


Melton, Benjamin F., Osa Ola Riggs, 24 Feb 1887
Jefferson, Illinois
[email protected]
Benjamin is son of Nathan Melton and Harriet Addison.
Osa Ola is daughter of Clisba D. Riggs and Margaret [Martha] Sanders.
The marriage was performed by J.W. Lundy, Minister.

Melton, Nathan M. [Jr], Harriet A. Addison, 7 March 1859
Franklin, Illinois
[email protected]
Nathan is the son of Nathan M. Melton, SR. and Lucinda Wilson.
Harriet is the daughter of Jonathan Addison and Elizabeth Rigsley.
Rites pronounced by Wm. Jountain, Justice of Peace

Barva, Louis, Morrison, Dora, 5 Oct 1897
Jefferson, Illinois
[email protected]
Rite pronounced by Wm. W. Addison, Justice of Peace.
She is daughter of James Morrison and Margaret White.
He is son of Bernard Barva and Susan Constan ?

andrew addison, elizabeth brittaine, 4 nov. 1708
anne arundel, maryland
united states

Josiah Pierce, Rozilla C. Rogers, Jan. 5, 1845
Addison, Vermont
[email protected]

Amos Norton Hurlburt, Amy Diena Prime, 1849
Addison, Vermont
[email protected]
Amos N Hurlburt born in Monkton, VT Addison County. Amos and Amy Diena Prime born in Canada. Had 7 children, the oldest Wallace Putnam Hurlburt born in Middlebury, VT Addison County. The other 6 children were in born in several counties in Iowa. Charles O, Commodore, Nellie, Edward, Franklin, Curtis Frank.

I am looking for any information on this family.

Phillip Stone, Julia Lincoln, 31 Dec 1840
Addison, Vermont

Addison Campbell, Eliza Whitt, 23 Dec 1863
Hendricks, Ind

John ADDISON, Malinda STEPHENS, 09 Jun 1828
Chesterfield, VA

James Eveleth, Sarah Harris, 4 Apr 1741
Ipswich, Mass
his two sons served in Rev War; James enlisted with Capt. Addison Richardson Co.;Colo. Mansfield Reg.; and Capt. Robert Perkins Co. And Aaron was under Capt. Abraham Dodge Co. and Colo. M. Little Regiment

Addison SHARP, Susannah MAXWELL, 26 Dec 1821
Blount, TN

Olen Addison Canamore Sr., Beulah Mary Ellen Davis, August 29, 1923
Vancouver, Clark Co.,, Washington

Olen Addison Canamore Sr., Irene D. Morrow, June 9, 1947
Paragould, Greene,, Arkansas

Addison McPheeters, Susan A. Richardson, 2 Dec 1847
Fayette, Ky
dau of Capt. William Richardson

Capt. Addison Richardson, Mary Greenleaf, 24 Dec 1761
Middlesex, Mass

Alfred GOFF, Amanda ADDISON, 27 Dec 1856
Logan, KY

Capt Addison Richardson, Lucy Holden, 11 Dec 1808
Worchester, Mass

Gen. David Whitney, Eliza Wilson, 1818
Addison, Vt
hes age 62, she is 16

Dr. Allen Walker, Annie Addison, 26 Apr 1866
Humphreys, Tn
bios this county, five children, member Meth. Episc. church

phillip reynolds, abigail brown, about 1735-40
addison ct., vt
[email protected]

George Addison, Sarah Gott, bet. 1750 and 1760
[email protected]
Unable to find any type of marriage record. They immigrated to US in 1751 and settled in Londonderry, NH. Passenger records state although they travelled together, they were married in US

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