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You Searched For: Cleveland

61 Matches Found (displaying 1 to 61)

William RAINE, Mary BRADLEY, 3 Aug 1803
Stainton in Cleveland, Durham
[email protected]
for more on the Raine family see my website

Joseph WILTON, Mary RAIN, 23 Nov 1809
Marske in Cleveland, Yorkshire
[email protected]
for more on the Raine family see my website

John Cleveland Murray, Leah Isabell Morris, June 2, 1877
Sonoma, California
[email protected]

Mark Brian Cooper, Amanda Rae Mastalir, 6/3/00
Cleveland, OK

Cleveland K. McKnight, Annette Y. Jones, 11-11- 1995
Charleston, South Carolina
United States

george vorhees, wilma lois hogle, march 1948
cleveland , ohio
[email protected]

michael emil morad, cynthia lee vorhees, may 22 1971
cleveland, ohio
[email protected]

Anthony "Tony" Cleveland Gonce, Amie Michelle Johnson, August 10, 1997
Tarrant, Texas
[email protected]

Gary Robert Cleveland, Linda Alice King, February 16, 1974
New Jersey
United States

Robert Ellsworth Van Voorst, Stella Martha Cisan, April 26 1930
Cayahoga, Ohio
[email protected]
Stella was from Cleveland, Ohio and Miami, Florida. Daughter of Joseph Peter Cisan and Frances Rochnowska. Robert was from Chalmers, Indiana. Son of William Ellsworth Van Voorst and Mary Ann Wilson.

Mather Cleveland, Samantha Tenney, 1/30/2000
Tulsa, OK

William Allen Cleveland, Katia Lynne Bethany, 3/21/1998
Tulsa, OK

Maury James Mills, Michelle Lynn Harkema, 3/21/1998
Cleveland, Ok

Kyle David Farnham, Emily Anne Dake, 8/4/2001
Cleveland, OK

Stephen "Bubba" Lee Burcham, Miranda Bre Stacy, 6/2/2001
Cleveland, Ok

Frank Kuhel, Josephine Gimple, 1909
Cleveland, Ohio

billy don saulters, cathy clark, 05-06-2000
bolivar , ms
[email protected]
we got married in cleveland ms and i just wanted him to know that i still love him...just a lil note to say i love you billy, your faithful wife, cathy saulters

John R. CLEVELAND, Martha MIDDLETON, 17 April 1856
Polk, MO

Reichuber/Richuber Mike, Lola Belle Mitchell, 1900's
cleveland/el reno, Oklahoma
United States
[email protected]
I have been searching for a long time hoping I would find information about my great grandparents. I know that he lived in Moore Ok and I have yet to be able to find information about my great grandmother

Reichhuber/Reichuber, unknown, 1800/1950
United States
[email protected]
Pete Reichhuber list a brother living in Moore Oklahoma Cleveland Co. by 1903. I don't have a name or anything and am needing help.

unknown, Reichhuber/Reichuber was the last name, 1900's
United States
[email protected]
a correction to a previous one. Pete Reichhuber listed 3 sisters living in Cleveland Co. Moore Oklahoma by the year 1903 and I can't find their names or anything.

William Cleveland Foote, Bertha Parsons, 26 August 1913
Saline, Missouri
[email protected]

Robert Jerry Wright jr., Sheila Kay Rogers, June 16, 2001
Gilmer, Georgia
[email protected]

Grooms Parents- Robert Jerry Wright and Edna Deloris Young
Brides Parents- William B Rodgers and Gladys Christine Hamby
Grooms Grandparents Robert William Wright (looking for his family) He died in Ellijay Georgia around 1953 he had two sons Calvin Ronny and Robert Jerry. He was married to Katie Irean Williams.
Brides Grandparents- Harry Rogers and Cordie Cobb of Oak Hill West Virigina. looking for family members some lived in Cleveland Ohio and some in Oak Hill West Virigina.

Van Rensselaer Olmsted, Lucinda Eliza Cleveland, 11 September 1867
Marion County, OHIO

Billy Joseph Welch, Rosalie Mae Cleveland, 18 May 1979
Calhoun, Alabama
[email protected]
My wife and I were both in the military and stationed at Ft McClellan, AL located at Annston, Al. We purchased property at Wellington, AL just outside Anniston and lived there 8 years before moving to Windsor, SC just outside Aiken, SC

Alonzo Wortman, Jennie Pritchard, May 25, 1904
Cleveland, North Carolina
[email protected]

James Cleveland Mosley, Jeffie Ann Powell, August 9, 1909
Anson - Jones Co., TX
[email protected]
These are my grandparents and I have hit the brick wall on Jeffie........

Richard Mullin, Rosalie Margaretha Carlow, August 24, 1881
Warren, PA
[email protected]
Richard Mullin/en is the son of a Dennis Mullin/en born in Ireland. Wife unknown but Dennis shows up in 1870 census of Corry, PA Erie Cty, Wayne Twp. Richard was born between 1855-1858. Conflicting years. He died May 1905 in Warren, PA Warren County. He had three sisters living in 1905 a Mrs. Thorne of Detroit and a Mrs. Kingzett of Cleveland and a Mrs. John Smith of Warren and 2 brothers: Thomas and John of Corry, PA. I've found John and Mrs. Kingzett and Mrs. Smith and have not found John or Mrs. Thorne. Hope soemone can help!! Ginny

William J Cook, Christina Barzen, 3 May 1893
Cuyahoga, Ohio
[email protected]
St. Peter's Catholic,
E. 18th Street, Cleveland, Ohio

westley ames, shequta cleveland, 6/9/2001
san diego, ca

James Earl Wiley, Mattie Cleveland Putman, August 30, 1925
Lawrence, Tennessee
[email protected]

Charles Rivers, Emma Cleveland, 1900 to 1910
South Carolina
[email protected]
They married around 1900 to 1910, I do not have a date. Either in Charles or Spartenburg. Thank You

Cleveland ramey, Teresa Browning, O3-2-79

johnny cleveland pitts, ernestine delores cunningham, june 24,1999
laurens, south carolina
united states
self employed

Samuel Sinks, Pricilla Oldner, 15 Mar 1922
Cleveland, Ark

daniel owens, bertha weeden, ?
? , i belive new jersey/new york
[email protected]
i have had know luck in finding about grandparents i never met ,i would love a minscuell of info. i was told they were from new jersey, lived and buried in new york that i do know. they had 2 sons john and cleveland maybe a daughter.

Robert Baugh, Martha Cleveland, 5 Feb 1788
Sussex, Va

Lester David Taylor, Lee Anna Wells, November 30, 1950
Cleveland, Oklahoma
Taylor,the son of Mrs.Mae Marsh Taylor of Blanchard and Mr. John David Taylor, and Wells, daughter of Mr. Leonard Hubert and Mattalee Wood Wells, of Tuttle, Oklahoma were united in marriage at the home of Earl & Beaulah Taylor, Norman, Oklahoma.

Jerry Warner, Linda Brougton, April 8. 1993
Cleveland, Arkansas
[email protected]

bowers, devlin, 1935/1945
hudson or cleveland , ohio

W.M. Terry, Dora Lee Sinks, 11 Jun 1919
Cleveland, Ark

J.M. Sanders, Mabel Sinks, 28 Jul 1918
Cleveland, Ark

Peter Courtney, Sadie Sinks, 10 Aug 1919
Cleveland, Ark

Samuel Sinks, Priscilla Oldner, 15 Mar 1922
Cleveland, Ark

J.S. Thompson, Violet Sinks, 23 Jul 1934
Cleveland, Ark

Austin Phillips, Alabama Watson, 30 Dec 1880
Cleveland, Ark

John Cleveland, Louisianna Hughes, 30 Oct 1823
Howard, Mo
dau of William Hughes of Jessamine Co. Ky
he was editor of "Missouri Intelligence"

Cleveland SMITH, Margaret STEPHENS, 28 Apr 1849
Franklin, GA

Grover Cleveland Stalsworth, Mary Jane Helton, 27 Aug 1910
Grainger Co., TN
[email protected]
Mary Jane is the dau of Charles Garrett Helton and Luetta Moore.

daniel zegers, sheila allen, august ? 1988
cleveland, Oklahoma
I sheila Sewell had forgotten when daniel zegers and I we're married I need that informationas soon as you can get it to me. thank you.

richard evans, jean, 8,2,1952
cleveland, hartlepool
[email protected]

Levi Cleveland, Mariam Parish, 1829
Wash., NY

Charlie Reed, Mildred Sinks, 8 May 1942
Cleveland, Ark

Cleveland Murray, Leah Hicks, 13 Dec 1906
Fentress, Tennessee
[email protected]

G.C. Dodson, Ellease Polsgrove, 29 Apr 1921
Piggott, Ark
hes 33 from Cleveland Ky shes 21

Joseph Yanda, Laura Radke, 3-21-1910
Cuyahoga, OH
[email protected]
Joseph 24 born Allegheny, PA (birth name John)
Father Jacob Janda
Mother Mary Bystr (Bastir)(Bastrova)(Bastyn)
Laura 21 Cleveland, OH
Father Willliam Radke
Mother Alberine Gotschold
Spellings of names are from baptismal records.

Cleveland Peak, Alice Ayers, unknown
Grayson, Virginia
[email protected]
I am trying to locate information on the ancestors of Cleveland and Alice Peak (maiden name was Ayers I think). I know some work was accomplished by my now deceased uncle, Paul Peak of Forest Hills, Maryland. If anyone has information regarding the above people, I will be most appraciative.
Sincerely, Patricia Trundy
(daughter of Lena Irene Peak)

William Cheever, Miriam Cleveland, June 26, 1717
Middlesex, MA

Aaron Cleveland, Dorcas Wilson, September 26, 1675
Woburn, Middlesex, MA

William DAWSON, Nancy CLEVELAND, 23 Sep 1800
Greene , TN

John B. Anderson, Jane Gray, 17 AUG 1880
Doddridge, WV
[email protected]
John Anderson & Jane (Gray) Anderson are my Great Grandparents. Their children include; James Anderson, William Anderson, Ernest Anderson, Charles Benton Anderson (my Grandfather) & John Cleveland Anderson.
I lose track of Jane (Gray) Anderson sometime between 1891 and 1900. John Anderson remarries (to Lizzie Anderson I believe) some time in 1900. (Was it because of death or divorce?) Jane (Gray) Anderson's father is Joseph Anderson and she was born in Doddridge County, VA. Whatever became of Jane (Gray) Anderson? Where is she buried?
I'm also looking for information on John & Jane's three eldest children; James Anderson, William Anderson and Ernest Anderson. When & where were they born? Did they ever marry, and if so, who are their descendents? Where are they buried?
If I can get these questions answered I'm sure that I'll be able to help somebody out with their own searches.
Thank you.


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