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Paul David Curtis, Thelmarie Alexander, November 12,1960
Harris, Texas
[email protected]

Curtis Johnson, Kristine Lea Everman, 7-7-1984

Reuben Hudson, Mary Curtis, l8 april l867
[email protected]
Reuben was born in New York
State, county unknown, died
in Sabina, Ohio. served in
Civil War - Ohio.

Rollie Curtis Armor , Julia Elizabeth Mathews , August 4 1927
Comanche , Texas
[email protected]

Curtis Albert Goff, Galdys Yewell, August 1, 1929
Jefferson, KY.
[email protected]

George Allen Drake, Katheryn Louise Deeds Curtis, March 25, 1871
Sonoma, California
[email protected]

Neil Curtis Blais, Destin Rose Frost, 5/28/00
Randolph, MO

Richard Curtis McKenzie, April Denise Richison, 6/3/00
Tulsa, OK

English Jesse Howell, Sr, Elvira Davidson Curtis, 1835

Curtis Raymond Rauschenberger, Joyce Ann Bauldoff, September 27, 1986
Butler, PA
[email protected]
We are just beginning to research our family trees and would like to hear from possible relatives!

William Edgar McLeod Jr., Maxine Busby, 12/31/1964
grooms father: William Edgar McLeod Sr.
mother: Violet Irene Heiman
brides father: Eunice Elzy Busby
mother: Bernice Powell
children: Valorie Lynn McLeod Dixson
Regina Lea McLeod Wood
grandchildren: Brent Curtis Dixson
Karissa Chaneyl Dixson
Brandan Kyle Wood
Kaleb Ryan Wood

Danny Merl Dixson, Valorie Lynn McLeod, 06/29/1985
Jasper, Tx
grooms father: Claude Louis Dixson
mother: Norma Jean Smith
brides father: William Edgar McLeod Jr.
mother: Maxine Busby
children: Brent Curtis Dixson
Justin Kyle Dixson
Karissa Chaneyl Dixson

H. Curtis Glenn, Lou Riddle, 9/3/1941
LeFlore, OK

Daniel Curtis Claffey, Sandra Michelle Foster Steele, 9/1/2001
Tulsa, OK

James Otis Prideaux Sr., Latrisha Dawn Curtis, 11/17/2001
Tulsa, OK

Curtis Eugene Wiederholt, Jennifer Marie King, 3/24/2001
Tulsa, OK

Tom Curtiss, Marsha Turner, 4/27/2001
Clarke, NV

Curtis Ugene Edison, Jewel Helena Shields, February 14,2000
Knox County, Kentucky

Curtis Lee Tucker, Myrtle Iva Long, Dec. 24, 1937
Dallas, TX
[email protected]

Curtis Frank Hurlburt, Sadie E Cummings (Cummins), 7/24/1908
Junction City - Lane Co., Oregon
[email protected]
Curtis and Sadie had 2 daughters both born in Junction City, Oregon. Ellen b.1904, m.Harry M. Dean (where). Leulla F. b.1909 m.O Ansnes (where). I would like to find decentants of Ellen and Leulla. Sandy

David Chant, Editha Jackson, April 09, 14
[email protected]
David Chant was my husband's grgrandfather. He was born in Summerset England Editha was the dau. of Jacob Jackson and Ann Eliza Curtis. They lived near Delta, and Cantry, Bastard Twp. Ot. Canada. Any comments?/ Jacobs father was Ephriem Jackson and mother Roxyann Day Bernice from Ont. Canaa

Ricky Dean Curtis, Teresa W ashington, 08-13-02
Genesee, Michigan

Balem Curtis Cornelison, Sarah Jane Minor, 14 August 1895
Taney County, Missouri
[email protected]

Balem Curtis Cornelison, Annie Mae Sloan, 25 August 1900
[email protected]

henry curtis, carrie, 1900

keith h curtis , ellynmae ackerman, 1961
united states

thompson, curtis, 11/22/33

curtis walden jr, mae frances jackson, 04/29/94
Brooks Roscoe Fisher, Nina Grace Hooker, December 23, 1916
Norfolk, VA
[email protected]
Children born:

Brooks Roscoe Fisher, JR b. 10-26-1917 d. 10-8-1975
Ernest Roland Fisher b. 3-27-1920 d. 7-22-1921 Died at Home
Walter Curtis Fisher b. 11-21-1922 d. 11-13-1990

Nina Grace Hooker b. 1-22-1898 on Roanoke Island, NC
d. 1-18-1979 in Norfolk VA
Brooks Roscoe Fisher b. 6-14-1891 in Clearfield, PA
d. 6-14-1937 in Sharon Hill, PA

Henry H. Clemmons, Rebecca Curtis, April 18, 1832
Lawrence Co, Tennessee
[email protected]

Amos Norton Hurlburt, Amy Diena Prime, 1849
Addison, Vermont
[email protected]
Amos N Hurlburt born in Monkton, VT Addison County. Amos and Amy Diena Prime born in Canada. Had 7 children, the oldest Wallace Putnam Hurlburt born in Middlebury, VT Addison County. The other 6 children were in born in several counties in Iowa. Charles O, Commodore, Nellie, Edward, Franklin, Curtis Frank.

I am looking for any information on this family.

Curtis Albert Goff, Gladys Yewell, August 1, 1929
Jefferson, KY
[email protected]
Corrected name of bride and new e-mail address.

W. C. O'Dell, Mattie Cooper, 4/14/1896
Navarro, TX
[email protected]
W.Curtis O'Dell is son of Jacob & America O'Dell of Claiborne Co. TN and was born 7/28,1875

Guy Barber, Fidela Church, June 27, 1903
Washington , New York
United States
[email protected]
Guy and Fidelia were married in White Creek, NY.
Guy Barber was the son of Albertus Barber and Emily Curtis.
Fidelia Church was the daughter of Charles Church and Bertha Frazier.

Jefferson Curtis, Mrs. Mary E. Todd, 4 Dec 1865
St. Louis, Mo

G. Dodson, Ellen Curtis, 24 Feb 1845
Mason, Ky

Meredith Parrish, Elizabeth Curtis, 18 Dec 1786
Goochland, Va

Curtis Mirocle, Mary Fuget, 5 Jan 1797
Fayette, Pa

Curtis Mirocle, Mary Fuget, 5 Jan 1797
Ohio, WV

Curtis Lee Tucker, Myrtle Iva Long, Dec 24, 1937
Dallas, Texas
[email protected]

William Markham, Laura Curtis, 20 Dec 1897
Graham, Az

Jed A. Curtis, Etta B. Lower, December 28, 1882
Monroe, Wisconsin
Jed's parents were Martin Merritt Curtis and Jane Critchett.
Etta's Parents were Sullivan Lower and Helen Schemerhorn.
They were married in Sparta, Wisconsin by S. W. Worner, Minister.

Benjamin A. Drawver, Grace Curtis, November 2, 1904
Monroe, WI

Harry M. Curtis, Algie N. Brey, March 20, 1904
Monroe, WI
[email protected]
Algie's parents were O.W. Brey and Paulina Urich.
Harry's Parents were Jed A.Curtis and Etta Lower Curtis

Edward Critchett, Myrtilla Curtis, 11/29/1863
Monroe, WI
[email protected]

[email protected]

Curtis T. Dahlin, Tamara L. Leo, 06/11/88
Sheridan, Wyoming
[email protected]

Samuel M. Zink, Dorthea Kessler, 20 Feb 1816
Lancaster, Pa
son of John. He was in War of 1812; Had three sons in Civil War; Capt. Josiah Zink, Colo. John Zink, First Srgt. Curtis Zink. Curtis died in a field hospital and is buried at Gettysburg.

Emit CURTIS, Elizabeth C. STEPHENS, 29 Aug 1822
Oglethorpe, GA

Ephraim Curtis, Mary Stone, 10 May 1705
Sudbury, Mass
parents of Maj. Joseph Curtis

John Curtis, Elizabeth Hutchinson, 19 Apr 1610
Essex, Eng

Meredith Parrish, Elizabeth Curtis, 18 Dec 1786
Goochland, Va
sec. Sherrad Parrish

Capt. John Curtis, Rebecca Wright, 3 Apr 1690
Hartford, Ct

Capt. Elijah Curtis, Rachel Clapp, 16 Jann 1786
Scituate, Mass

Capt. Thomas Curtis, Mary Ann Goodrich, 30 Dec 1703
Hartford, Ct

Curtis Lum, Jennie or Jenna Hunt, abt 1874
[email protected]
Jennie died between 1879 and 1898 in Michigan.

Taylor Brooks, Miriam Curtis, 1740
Plymouth, Mass
parents of Capt. Noah Brooks who married Esther Stetson unk date/location

Harrison D. Bailey, Mabel Barber, November 28, 1906
Rensselaer, New York
[email protected]
Harrison was the son of Allen Bailey and Carrie Kipp.
Mabel was the daughter of Albertus Barber and Emily Curtis.
They were married in Hoosick Falls, NY.

Matthew STEPHENS, Mary Ann CURTIS, 27 Mar 1856
Warrick, IN

curtis johnson, tamra sevigny, october 8 1983
los angeles, california
united states

Jacob Eri Jackson, Ann Eliza Curtis, 19 Mar 1864
Leeds, Ontario
[email protected]
My husbands Great Great Grandparents.

Billy Curtis, Wanda Raines, may 28,1991
grimes, texas
united states

charles d ward, goldie f curtis, 1920
johnson, ky
united states

curtis duff, jackie stewary, 08/16/2002
franklin, ohio

Richard Curtis, Mary Ann ???, abt 1875
England, Devon
[email protected]

Esther Curtis Harris, Wilma Iola Gragg, 10 July 1929
Carter, Oklahoma
[email protected]
These are my grandparents. If you are researching their ancestors, please email me. Thanks.

Ben Curtis, Rebecca Edwards, 2 Sep 1830
Paris, France
oldest dau of Col. Wm of Green Co. NY

John Curtis, Mrs. Ann Schulz, 16 Jun 1805
Hudson, NY
hes from Ct lately, hes 60 she 38, had a 10 day courtship


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