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George Howel, Frances Doudge, Bond Date: 19 Jun 1831
Surry County, North Carolina

Source: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Record #: 01 112
Bondsman: R W Grant
Bond #: 000145287

grant shelley, virgina williams, oct.31,1950

grant&virgina; had 5 girls. phyllis,judy,sharon,debbra,carol. i am phyllis,looking to find the names of grants&virginias; mom and dads name.grant was 52 when i was born. his folks were gone before i was born. my moms mom died in a house fire around 1934?. i did know her dad george paul williams. he died around 1968. grant was born may20,1900. virgina was born april 27,1918. grant died june27,1979.virgina died nov.01,1978. any and all information accepted. thank you! phyllis

Lewis E.Lord, Nettie F.Grant, 18 Dec. 1891
Hancock, Maine

Source Hancock county Marriages

Mathew James Grant, Sarah Olive Davis, December 22, 1891
Salem, Utah

Isaac Kenneth Halff, Kathleen Grant, 1895 or so...
N/A, N/A

They had 2 children, both born in Kansas City MO, Joseph in 1898 and Virginia in 1904. Isaac was from Texas, Kathleen from Lynchburg. Her father was William Grant, supposed to be a cousin of Ulysses S Grant any help GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

John Retzloff, Mary J. Morse, November 9, 1909
Grant, Oregon

Grant Alfred Gordon, Jessica Laurel Clemmer, 4/15/00
Tulsa, OK

Chadd, John, Mann, Mary, 8Jan1852
Grant, Ky

Chadd, John, Simpson, A.B., 9Oct1842
Grant, Ky

Chadd, William, Carr, Temperance Mahala, 12Aug1840
Grant, Ky


Jesse R. Jennings, Artimicy Cooper, 8-14-1853
Josephine Co., Oregon
United States

They are my great grandparents. He is supposed to have come on the Oregon Trail and Lost the first wife and baby along the way. His first wife was Amanda Murrian. They were married in 1850 in Linn Co. Mo. If any one knows about her would like to know.
J.R. and his wife lived in Grants Pass and owned alot of businesses. They both died there. They had 8 children,one being my grandfather, John Henry Jennings who moved to Burns, Ore. and Homesteaded there. There are still relatives in the burns area.
Louise Jennings Valine

Jesse Dodge , Susan, ?
?, ?
United States

Jesse and Susan Dodge are my great grandparents.I don't know much about them. Don't even know her last name,but I am searching.He was born in N.Y. and she in Tenn. Jesse was born 2-3-1828 D. 10-30-1896. Susan was born.5-19-1833 died 5-15-1896. They are burried in the Jacksonvill cemetery in Oregon. He was a farmer and a miner. They had six children, Mary J.- Martha L.- William J.- Julia Ann, married my grandfather John Henry Jennings in Grants Pass and moved to Burns Ore. Home steaded and lived there until their deaths in 1945. They had 3 children Rita, Ruth and Roy my father.
Other children of Jesse were Cornelia and I believe she died in Cal. but don't know her married name. and there was a James A. Dodge. I don't know any thing about these people so if any one might read this and have any information, I would sure like to know. I am just starting to do research on them, and havn't got very far. Would at least like to know what Susan's maiden name was and what they looked like. Martha L. married a Frederick Tice. in 1878.
Thank you.
Louise Jennings Valine

Harvey Olin "Pete" Bitner, Gladys Mary Hume, June 1, 1925
Canadian , Texas

father:Jefferson Davis Bitner
mother:Ella (Ellen) Swarts
DOB:dec 10 1905 near Manter,Stanton Co., Kansas
DOD:April 14 1985 in Grant Co., Kansas
Burial:Stanton Co., Kansas

father:Leslie Dudley Hume
mother:Clyde Effie Burnett
DOB:May 30 1904 in Bucklin,Ford Co., KS
DOD:Dec 2 1983 in Johnson City, Stanton Co., Kansas
Burial:Stanton Co., Kansas

Gregory Mitchell Botts, Tania Irene Lundeen, 5/23/1998
Grant, NM

Ernest J. Sprong, Stella May Craig, Aug. 9,1907
Grant County, Indiana

Richard D. Grant , Tamika L. Jiles, May 2, 1998
Caddo , Louisiana
United States

Rowland F. Simister, Rachel A. Brewer, May 26, 1990
Grant, Indiana

Auburn V. Brewer, Mary A. Hawkins, April 23, 1923
Grant, Indiana

John Herbert Brattin, Ada Catherine Davis, 1922 (approximate)

Looking for any information regarding my grandparents. I know that my grandmother's parents names were, Aaron Davis and Hattie Grant. I do not know the names of my grandfather's parents. I believe my grandmother was somehow related to Ulysses S. Grant. Again, I have no documentation. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you!

Jacob HYATT, Hannah BORDGERS, approx 1865

Jacob born 1842 died Jan 1916 Grant, Newaygo Michigan
Hannah born 1843

William Drake Harrell, Jessie Alice Camper, 1 Sept 1877
Grant (?), Indiana

Chapman Grant, Polly Jett, October 4, 1803
Faquier, Virginia

Walter Eugene Fleming Sr., Faye Aline Johnson, June 4, 1939
Grant, New Mixico
Untied States

George Washington Harkness, Mary Annie Page, 12 Dec 1886
Grant, Oregon

Marriage certificate states that she was 16 and he was 'over 21'. Witness was James W. Page.

Grant Souvereign, Adeline Sisco Huff, 14 January 1918
Gage, Nebraska

She a daughter of Martin "Van" & Helen
Augusta (Johnson) Sisco. She married
(1) 10 Aug. 1900 to Everest L. Huff.

Robinson Jacques/James, Marie Trottier, 1795-1805?
unknown, unknown
United States

This is my g-g-g-g-grandfather (born approx. 1780)& grandmother (born approx. 1780). Jacques was
referred to as "negre" and Marie as "femme de coleur" We know that they were in St. Andre D'Argenteuil,
Quebec, Canada by 1804 as they were granted land. Earliest records of one of their children's birth was
of Jean Baptiste, April 28. 1804. We are trying to find out where Jacques and Marie came from?
Who were their parents? Was Jacques a loyalist?.Any information would be much appreciated.
We are stuck and cannot find anything prior to them coming to Quebec from the United States, in 1804.

Grant Dennis Hollingsworth, Linda Marie Moon, 9/18/1999
Tulsa, OK

Tom Grant Jr., Kathryn Conner, 6/30/2001
Tulsa, OK

David Grant Stibor, Judy Ann Bussinger, September 29, 1962
Rock, Nebraska
Ceremony at the Methodist Church in Bassett, Nebraska.

Judy is daughter of Wm. and Thelma (Pickinpaugh) Bussinger of Bassett, Nebraska.

David is son of Grant Joseph Stibor and Naomi Kate (Johnson) Stibor.

Edward Reed Hogle, Loretta Lillian Linn, 1895
Grant, Indiana

These are my paternal great grandparents

John H. Burris, Sarah Anne Eastman, 4 February 1841
Grant, Wisconsin

John & Sarah had the following children: Hazelwood, Dianna
Virginia L., John H., Stephen B., Elizabeth A., Sarah L.,
Irene, Martin V., Benjamin C., Alma A., Carlos H., William R. Would be willing to exchange information.

Junious Harris, Maude Grant, 1924
Northampton, North Carolina

Howard M. Roberts, Charlene Barley, 1927
Grant, Indiana

Pack, James,Flem, Grant, Mahala, feb. 3, 1870
lawrence, ky

Dennis J. Alvarado, Debra D. Fortenberry, June 21, 1992
Grant, New Mexico
United States

Richard Grant Nichols, Etta May Duncan, Oct 12 1888
Johnson , Missouri

If your related please contact me, I have more information on this family.
Thank you

John T Edwards, Sarah Elizabeth Grant, Nov 15 ,1876
Floyd, Virginia

Husband Parents: Monroe And Rhodah Edwards
Wife Parents: Robert and Sarah A Grant
Need information on either set of Parents


Soloman Grant Minix, Josephine Whitaker, 10/17/1886
Magoffin, Kentucky

If you know anything of this couple,Please e-mail me. Thank you Ruby

Billy grant, yanean, may 30, 1989
riverside, california

Billy Grant, Yanean Parker, 5/25/1989
riverside, california

Nichols, Thomas Marion, Ferguson, Elizabeth, Oct 18, 1869
Cass, Missouri

This couple had the following children Emma Nichols Handshy, Atelia E. Nichols Carter, and Richard Grant Nichols. Anyone related to this family please contact me. Thank you

Michael GRIFFIN, Leslie GRANT, Oct 5,1996
Tompkins, NY

James R. GRANT, Carol A. RIBBLE, April 3, 1971
Tompkins, NY

Ulysses Grant Vanosdale, Wilhelmina Ruth Mott, January 5, 1914
Sangamon, Illinois

Edward Reasor, Mollie Stokes, Nov. 30, 1893
Monroe County, AL

Children born to this union:
Allen 1908
Willa Ann, 1895
Extrie Mary, 1904
Ella, 1902
L. B., 1909
Henrietta, 1912
Frederick Douglas, 1898
Lee Grant, 1906

James Grant, Catherine Morrissey, 4 Nov 1844
Kilkenny, Ireland

James and Catherine were married at St. James, Glenmore, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

hollis b. thornton, delilah mc comas, apr.1 1930
grant, ky

Grant, Andrews, 1922

Grant Blackledge, Julia Belle Shriver, unknown

Edmond Crager, Carolina Elizabeth Garland, July 1, 1851
Sabine Parish, LA

Elizabeth Galand ‘Weeks’ and Edmond Crager (Craiger) were granted a marriage license by E. F. Presley, Clerk of the District Court for Sabine Parish, Louisiana and the town of Many, Sabine Parish, Louisiana on June 26, 1852. They were married by W. W. Boon, Esquire, on July 1, 1852. those witnessing the ceremony were William Alford, Jeptha Weeks, and Sarah F. Weeks. The marriage certificate was recorded April 15, 1925

Fred H. Rogers, Edith May Tuttle, 16 Nov 1898
Grant?, WI

I am looking for information on Fred's parents. Information that I have says his father's name was H. C. Rogers (full given name not given) and he was born in Ohio. Fred's mother's name was not given. Any information on his family would be greatly appreciated!!

D. Bullock, Emma Granthan, 5 Jul 1883
Lamar, Tx

William Grant, Sarah Chambers, 12 Apr 1817
Adams, Miss

Benjamin H. Harris, Nancy Wheeler, 1869
Grant , La
he is profiled of that county

Sampson Grant, Silvia Wash, Dec 5, 1889
Harrison, TX

Barna GRANTHAM, Sidney STEVENS, 26 Nov 1839
Johnston, NC

James GRANT, Celia STEPHENS, 11 Jul 1837
Crawford, GA

William Suddard, Sarah Grant, 10 Mar 1869
Dade, Mo

debraal, williams, june 7, 1932
grant, new mexico

Moses BALDWIN, Dorothy R. STEPHENS, 25 Mar 1847
Grant, IN

Cimon GOLDTHAIT, Martha E. STEVENS, 12 Nov 1848
Grant, IN

Even E. MASSEY, Rosaline STEPHENS, 03 Mar 1842
Grant, IN

Alfred M. STEPHENS, Catharine PORTER, 29 May 1849
Grant, IN

Isaac STEPHENS, Nancy CAIN, 18 Nov 1849
Grant, IN

John GRANT, Nancy STEVENS, 22 Mar 1832
Harrison, IN

Thomas STEVENS, Emily GRANT, 21 Aug 1832
Harrison, IN

Woodson Wrenn, Polly Grant, 5 Nov 1805
Fayette, Ky
dau of Col. John Wrenn

B. Grantz Brown, Mary Gunn, 12 Aug 1858
Jefferson City, Mo
editor of St. Louis Democrat

Da. Grantum, Elizabeth, 2 Oct 1778
Goochland, Va
mulattoes, The Douglas Register

Capt. Charles Gatewood, Mrs. Maria Grant, 9 Jan 1845
Montgomery?, Ky
dau of Gen.Samuel Williams

Grant Wirick, Nora "Daisy" Lint, 11-30-1916
Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA

James Archer, Margery Grant, 9 Jan 1759
Essex, N.J.

George Sinks, Julia Lee, 13 Oct 1841
Travis, Tx
1850, 1860, 1870 census Fayette Co. Tx had a neighbor name Waymire, Geo granted lots for first church 1845, trustee for first graveyard; kids, Julia, Margaret, George, Edmund

James Archer, Margery Grant, 9 Jan 1759
Essex, N.J.

Charles Granthan, Nancy Herring, 9 Jul 1848
Carroll, Miss

William GRANT, Sarah MOSBY, 20 May 1789
Bourbon, KY

John EVANS, Catherine GAUPH, 10 Feb 1825
Grant, KY

Grant W. Dyer, Cecelia Ann Gouge, 18 april 1857
Yancey, N.C.

Thomas Marion Nichols, Elizabeth Ferguson, Oct 18 1869
Cass, Missouri

Thomas Marion Nichols, Elizabeth Ferguson, Oct 18 1869
Cass , Missouri
This couple had the following children Emma Nichols Handshy, Atelia E. Nichols Carter, and Richard Grant Nichols. Anyone related to this family please contact me. Thank you

henry, stephens, may 1920
grant, indiana

William A. Coleman, Amelia Ann McCoy, 29 Jan 1836
Grant Co. , Ky
bondsman Rueban L. Coleman, her mother lives in Mo. and her father is dec'd

Guy Marshall Bennett, Wilhelmina Henrietta Sump, May 21, 1921
Grant, Oklahoma

lamar henry , junabelle stephens, may 22, 1920
grant, indiana


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