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George Kenneth Ellis, Lucile Hicks Lusby, 4-1-1933
Washington, DC

boaz atherton, mary ross, april 12, 1812
washington , pennsylvania

married in Westland M.M., Washington Co., PA; 1813 lives in Freeport, Harrison Co., OH; 1814 Boaz and Mary rec. from Westland M.M. into Plainfield M.M., Belmont Co., OH; 1818 purch. land in Freeport, Harrison Co., OH; 1820 listed in Freeport, Harrison Co., OH census; 1828 Boaz and Mary disowned by Flushing M.M., when they transfer to Hicksite group. With 5 children they join Stillwater M.M.(Hicksite)
1836 purch land Morgan Co., OH; 1852 moves to Vermont, Fulton Co., IL. He died Oct. 26, 1874 and she died May 3, 1875. Both are buried in Quaker Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., IL


The above are my maternal grandparents.

Amzi Gerald Hicks, Ann Jannett (Nettie J.) Atkins, September 22, 1891
Bedford Co., Iowa

Amzi Hicks Died November 19, 1902 in New Market Iowa. Was Born Febuary 22, 1863 in Taylor Co. Iowa to Robert M, and Mary E Hicks. If any one has any information on this family please email me.

Irl Clyde Hicks, Fannie Pearl Smith, Dec. 12,1917

Irl Clyde Hicks, Fannie Pearl Smith, Dec. 12,1917

Robert Wayne Hicks, Joyce Marie Copeland, March 1, 1965
Washington, MS

Martin Martin, Dicey Hicks, Feb 1871
Laurens, SC

Robert Ivan Hicks, Sherry M. Pounders, 8/8/1998
Bernalillo, NM

Beals, Martin, Hix/Hicks, America, Feb. 14, 1867
Harrison Co., Missouri

Book B. P. 108 Harrison Co. MO. Beals is misspelled and spelt Bayle in the records. Martin married 3 more times, outliving all but his last spouse.

John E. Baker, Mary Ellen Hicks, Dec. 09, 1842
? possibly Garrard, KY.

I have John's ancestry back to his gr'grandfather in
VA. Now I want to start collecting data regarding Mary
Ellen's family. She died on 3/28/1842 in KY.

Lt. Jason Lawrence Hicks, Whitney Allison Green, 11/21/1998
Tulsa, OK

Francis Owen Beamer, Florence Medella Geisinger, 13 May 1877
Lee, Illinois

Married by H. R. Hicks, M. G. at West Paw Paw, IL. He was called "Frank", a son of Adam & Ann C. (Evans) Beamer. Florence/ called "Della"?/ a daughter of David & Sarah C. (Barrett) Geisinger.

Joshua Michael O'Leary, Jennifer Jutta Hicks, 6-8-1996
Tulsa, Okla

William Cross Sisco, Ella Hicks, 4 November 1913
Choctaw, Oklahoma

Marriage Book: 4-165. He age 38; she age 29, both of Forney.
He is given as Will C. Sisco. He was a son of Jacob Shannon
& Elizabeth (McNail) Sisco, formerly of Little River, Arkansas, and before that, Iron Co., Missouri.

James M. Hicks, Nancy Mary Francisco, 23 September 1847
Murry, Georgia

walter d hicks, ruby c humphery, 1941
fulton, georgia

walter d hicks, ruby c humphery, 1941
agustia, georgia

James William Hicks, Maria M Noland, 16 Jan 1853

William James Hicks, Qvadalupe Helena Valdez (Lupe), before 1942

Jacob Hicks, Mary Polly Lewis, 6 Dec 1808
Sumner, TN

william d. james, maudie e. hicks, 07-17-1906
pemiscott, mo.

James Morgan Mills, Mittie Comer Hicks, Nov. 29, 1892

Thos. J. Hicks, Sarah Bishop, 20 December 1896
Taney County, Missouri

Marriage was performed by Asa L. Gower, MG Book 2 Page 255

David Essary, Mary Boulin, 1 April 1894
Taney County, Missouri

Marriage was performed by Thos. J. Hicks, MG Book 2 page 93 Parents of both parties have given their assent to said marriage

Isham Essary, Hester A. Bozarth, 25 February 1895
Taney County, Missouri

Marriage was performed by Thomas J. Hicks, Min. Gos. Book 2 Page 143 Her parents have given their assent to marriage of Hester

Scott Douglas York, Ashley Nicole Hicks, 2-6-99
Gaffney, South Carolina

clarence barefield, ester lena hicks, about 1916
howard, arkansas

other family names=oakley-britt-oliver-hooker

richard b. johnson jr., joycelyn hicks, 19557
norfolk, virginia

richard b. johnson jr., joycelyn hicks, 19557
norfolk, virginia

groom lived and died in norfolk, va. went by the name of squirrel. went to booker t, washington high school in the fifties. mothers name is thelma, fathers name is richard johnson sr. two sisters nellie and cecelia

Vincent Owens, Margaret Ann Hicks, 11/29/1881
Louisa, Ky

Vincent Owens born Va 10/10/1839
Margaret Ann Hicks born Va 2/14/1861
Vincent was a blacksmith by trade. lived most of his life in Knotts co Ky until 1912 when he moved to Portsmouth, Ohio and died there 5/25/1912
I hope I can find my owens family if any one is connected
to Vincent please email me

George Washington Hicks, Mary Lucy Moody, 1900's

Elijah Hicks, Elizabeth Ann Bowman, 1856

Jacob J Kimes, Sarah (Sallie) Hicks, 21 April 1841
Jackson County, West Virginia

My 2xgreat-grandparents on maternal side.

Raymond Wesley Walker, Sr., Sadie Agnes Hicks, 9/9/1921
Guilford, NC

George Benson, Sarah Hicks, 1870

Both were born in connecticut,as of 1910 were living in southhampton,Ma

Elijah W Montgomery, Dorris Hicks, June 1998
Hinds, Mississippi

john e. boggs, carrie hicks, 1899
union parish, la.

Charles Davis, Angie Hicks, 28 Sept 1881
Marion, Indiana

Amos Richardson, Patsy Hicks, 4 Oct 1810
Estill, Ky

Maxey Leon Cox, Christine Uddell Webb, April 15, 1974
Henderson, Kentucky

My father was Wendell Leon Cox. My mother is Opal Ann Gulley.My wife's mom and dad are James Leroy Webb and Uddell Burden. My family are from Bowling Green, Ky. Just about all of my wife's family are from Poplar Bluff, Mo. My mother's Mom and Dad was B.E.Gulley and Lillie Mae Hicks.They were born in Jackson County, Tenn.

Tandy Witcher, Patsey Hix, 1877
Jackson County, Tenn.

Patsey,my great grandmother, may have been a nick name, she was the daughter of William Hix (hicks?)and Susan McCawley possibly born in NC about 1858. I have aways believed that there was a connection with the Hicks families in Jackson County, just that the last name was spell differently. Are there any distant Hix (hick) cousins will addition information on Patsey's branch.

Saml H WALKER, Mary HICKS, 30 Jan 1845
Blount, TN

Isaac HICKS, Sarah Long WALKER, 27 Oct 1812
Blount, TN

Micajah STEPHENS, Mary HICKS, 03 Jan 1822
Chowan, NC

ted english, shirley hicks, june 21 1943
blackwell, ok

Jefferson HICKS, Caroline S. STEPHENS, 16 Jun 1833
Pike, GA

Peter Zink, Nelly Hicks, 5 Dec 1822
Washington, Ind

John Thomas Hicks, Catherine Canterbury, May 13,1888
Kanawha County, West Virginia
John is listed as age 22. Catherine is age 19,daughter of William A. Canterbury

Roscoe Bailey Davis, Maude Madeline Hicks, Dec.25,1918
Raleigh County, West Virginia
Maude is the daughter of John Thomas Hicks and Catherine Canterbury.

William Hix, Rachel Howe, Feb.2,1830
Kanawha, Virginia(West Virginia)
married by Edward R.Hughes.The name Hix is also Hicks,Howe is also How in some records

Coleman Linsey, Lucy Hicks, April 15,1811
Kanawha Co, Virginia(West Virginia)
Married by Edward Hughes

kanawha co., West Virginia
Mary F. King married to Merriman/Miriam Hoffman,her second marriage. Oct 20,1875

Allen HICKS, Tamer STEVENS, 08 Dec 1842
Owen, IN

Wiley HICKS, Jr., Deborah STEVENS, 16 Aug 1840
Owen, IN

James L. Field, Mary M. Hicks, Jan.9,1862
Kanawha, West Virginia
Married by A.D. Tully

John Crokat, Anne Hickson, 25 Dec 1744
Baltimore, Md
or Crokett, or Hickerson

Tom Bernard, Mary Hicks, 28 Dec 1792
Goochland, Va

Henry Hicks, Polly Sewell, 14 Nov 1795
Dorchester, Md

Mayford Hicks, Martha E. Blackwell, 14 Feb. 1877
Kanawha Co., West Virginia
Mayford Hicks born in Washington Co. Ohio.Martha is age 19 at time of marriage. The informant is William Strickland.

Thomas Hicks, Charlotte Turner, 25 July 1878
Kanawha Co, W.Va.
Thomas is age 26 at time of marriage he was born in Campbell Co.Va.Charlotte is age 17 born in Kanawha Co. W.Va. Informant is William Wilson

George Hicks, Sarah Emma Hull, 1 March 1877
Kanawha Co., W.Va.
George is age 24 born in Kanawha Co.Wva.Sarah is age 24 born Raliegh Co.W.Va.Informant is Joseph Miller

James (Hix) Hicks, Nannie Lewis, 1 March 1878
Kanawha Co., W.Va.
James is age 25,born Kanawha Co.WVa.Nannie is age 29,born Virginia.Informant Howell Cozena.

George P. Hicks (Hix), Lenora Wells, 5 oct.1876
Kanawha Co., W.Va.
George is age 23 Born Kanawha Co.W.Va. Lenora is age 23 born Randolph Co.North Carolinia. Informant Henry Walls.

James Lane, Minnie Hicks, 12 May 1884
Kanawha Co., West Virginia
Minnie is age 17 born Kanawha Co.W.Va.James is age 24 born Greene Co. Tenn.Informant is James Hicks.

A.J. Kelly, Belle Hicks, 2 Mar. 1884
Kanawha Co., W.Va.
A.J. and Belle both born Kanawha Co. W.Va.Informant is W.L.Burdette

James F. Light, Adda M. Hicks, 7 Sept.1880
Kanawha Co., W.Va.
Adda born Marietta Ohio.James born Kanawha Co.W.Va. informant C.J. Hicks.

Samuel Griffith, Susan Hix(Hicks), 3 July 1879
Kanawha Co. , W.Va.
Both born Kanawha Co. W.Va. Informant is J.C.Ross.

William H. Turner, Sophie (Hix) Hicks, 4 June 1878
Kanawha Co., W.Va.
Sophie is age 33 and William is age 31. Both born Kanawha Co. W.Va. informant is Jas. Leftwich.

Frank Cochran, Sophie(Hix)Hicks, 14 May 1874
Kanawha Co., W.Va.
Sophie Hix/Hicks is age 21 Frank is age 22.Both born in Kanawha Co.W.Va. informant is Squire Hix(HICKS)

Peter Atkins, Helen Hicks, 23 Nov 1921
Fentress, Tennessee

Sanford Brown, Estella Hicks, 2 Oct 1926
Fentress, Tennessee

John C. Hall, Anna Hicks, 23 April 1916
Fentress, Tennessee

Clarence Hammons, Clarsie Hicks, 27 Feb 1916
Fentress, Tennessee

Arthur Hicks, Hatti Hoover, 21 Feb 1925
Fentress, Tennessee

C. Hicks, Anna Blair, 3 Jan 1909
Fentress, Tennessee

Danel Hicks, Alva Baldwin, 10 Oct 1922
Fentress, Tennessee

Dena Hicks, Dora Blair, Unknown
Fentress, Tennessee

License obtained 24 apr 1906

F. M. C. Hicks, Janey Smith, 12 Dec 1907
Fentress, Tennessee

Fred Hicks, Emily Cordelia Pitman, 25 Feb 1906
Fentress, Tennessee

Gilbert Hicks, Elsie Winningham, 25 June 1922
Fentress, Tennessee

Golden Phipps Hicks , Nannie Mae Carrold ,
3 Feb 1919, Fentress

Harmon Hicks , Mary Northrup, 10 Mar 1912
Fentress, Tennessee

Hugh Hicks , Louisa Brown, 5 June 1907
Fentress, Tennessee

J. J. Hicks , Virginia Anderson, 8 Oct 1924
Fentress, Tennessee

James W. Hicks , Minnie Cooper, 18 Mar 1939
Fentress, Tennessee

Joe Hicks , Ellen Winningham, 22 Jan 1922
Fentress, Tennessee

Mount Hicks , Lillie May Phillips, 11 Dec 1910
Fentress, Tennessee

Mount Hicks , Eva Huling, 20 Oct 1917
Fentress, Tennessee

Noah Hicks , Ernie Beaty, 1 Sept 1922
Fentress, Tennessee

Wheeler Hicks , Edna Human, 24 July 1927
Fentress, Tennessee

Wilburn Hicks , Ida Goney, 18 Nov 1917
Fentress, Tennessee

Will Hicks , Tennessee Hall, 3 Sept 1911
Fentress, Tennessee

Worth Hicks , Helen Brown, 9 Nov 1910
Fentress, Tennessee

Manson Hoover, Helen Hicks, Sept 1912
Fentress, Tennessee

Lee H. Jones, Minta L. Hicks, 3 April 1921
Fentress, Tennessee

Ephrem McCann, Mary Ann Hicks, 15 Aug 1915
Fentress, Tennessee

Charlie Murray, Amanda Hicks, 24 Mar 1906
Fentress, Tennessee

Cleveland Murray, Leah Hicks, 13 Dec 1906
Fentress, Tennessee

Isaac Mitchell Wright, Helen Belle Hicks, 29 May 1916
Fentress, Tennessee

Edgar Pitman, Myrtle Hicks, 14 June 1914
Fentress, Tennessee

Joseph Hicks, Margaret Crow, Dec. 22,1890
Carroll County, Arkansas
United States

Joseph Hicks, Margaret Crow, Married, had Children, Ella N. Hicks was a daughter, Ella's Siblings were, Tony Hicks, Carl Hicks, Rena Hicks, Leota Hicks, Vina Hicks.
If anyone has any info, on any one of these, please send a e-mail.

Melvin Hicks, Annie Thommasson, 5 Oct 1911
Piggott, Clay, Ark
hes 33 shes 17 both from Butler Co. Mo

Owen Temple, Rosa Hicks, 11 Mar 1918
Piggott, Clay, Ark
hes 18 shes 14 both from Butler Co Mo


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