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William H. Dow, Adaline A. Fisher, December 15, 1858
Lee, Illinois

Warren Leslie Fisher, Almira Potter, April 30, 1868
Grand Traverse, Michigan
United States

Jesse Lee Perkins, Dorothy Fay Phillips, Feb. 28, 1942
Fisher, TX

Correction for other entry. Town of Rotan, Fisher County, TX.

Nathaniel Lake, Elizabeth Fisher, 1858
Fairfield, OH

I would like to know where in New York Nathaniel Lake was born and who his parents were. Also would like to know if Elizabeth Fisher was married before she married Nathaniel Lake. I would like to know who her parents were. Thanks Fran

Brian Clifford Fisher, Kimberly Ann Burns, 7/15/00
Tulsa, OK

Henry D BRYANT, Martha A TURCH, Oct 14, 1903
Story, IA

H D (Henry Densmore) BRYANT born to Sylvanus BRYANT and Harriet R FISHER (DAR records show her as Rachel Harriet FISHER). Parents of Martha Dana TURCH and Lucy J GIFFORD

George Henry SPENCER, Almatia Lauretta BRYANT, Dec 31, 1879
Story, IA

GH SPENCER son of Isaac H, his grandfather also Isaac, Almatia (Allie)daughter of Sylvanus BRYANT and Harriet R (DAR shows her as Rachel Harriet) FISHER. Siblings of Almatia are Henry Densmore, Franklin P, Emma BRYANT

George H KERR, Emma L BRYANT, July 4, 1870
Story, IA

Emma daughter of Sylvanus BRYANT and Harriet R (DAR shows her as Rachel Harriet) FISHER and Emma was b. Michigan. Siblings, Franklin P, Henry Densmore and Almatia Lauretta BRYANT

Franklin P BRYANT, Mary Janet GREEN, Jan 29, 1879
Story, IA

Franklin parents Sylvanus BRYANT, Harriet R (DAR shows her as Rachel Harriet) FISHER, his siblings, Henry Densmore, Emma, Almatia Lauretta BRYANT.

Edward Fisher, Nancy Elliott, April 25, 1842
Knox, KY

Book:A Page: 40
Bondsman: Asal Elliott

Jacob Reichert, Elizabeth Fisher, Aug. 24, 1838

Brent Edward Fisher, Karin Lee Fisher, 7/1/00
Tulsa, OK

albert b tarrants, mrs lucille lynn fisher, 4-19-1924
audrian, mo

I have a copy of the license.

James Monroe Brooks, Mary Ann Kingston, May 02, 1844
Natchez, Adams County, MS

She came from England abt. 2 years before. He was either born in NC or England. They moved to Memphis area, were in cotton gin business and then moved to a plantation east of Memphis in Eads/Fisherville, TN area.
James (1818-1876), Mary Ann (1824-1801). Children; Martha A,, Julia & Margarite (twins), Mary Elisabeth, James M. Jr., Victoria Frances.

David Hansen Groce, Susan A. Fisher, 11 Nov 1886
Williamson, Texas

William Henry Walter FISHER, Shirley BABB , unknown
unknown, Queensland

William's DOB: 08/01/1926 born in Victoria. His mother was Hilda GRONN.

Shirley's parents were William Henry BABB DOB:13/08/1898 (b Victoria) & Ida Louise BABB nee CLARK DOB:04/08/1901 (b ENG -Cambridge).

Jarad Leveral Fisher, Rhonda Renee Hunt, 12/15/2000
Tulsa, OK

David Witcher, Katie Fisher, 7/14/2001
Sebastien, Ark

C. Eric Livingston, Teresa K. Fisher, 8/18/2001
Carroll, Ark.

johnny w fisher, teresa a wells, jan 10 1971
wise, va

Edward E. Meadows, Deliah Fisher, June 13, 1902
Montmorency, Michigan

Edwin was from England, place in England unknown. Age 34, color white,Ocupation, Fireman. Parents were William Meadows/Ellen Thomas. Deliah Fisher,age 22, parents William Fisher/ Clara Dean. Place of residence, Atlanta.
This was Edwins second marriage.

David Carney, Annie Fisher, 1/22/1910
Tulsa, OK

michael dismond, natalie fisher, 06/29/01
lancaster, pa

Cecil Hadley McClary, Monte Marie Fisher, 7 October 1923

Hiram Collins, Sarah Mayo Fisher, July 26, 1855
Dubois, IN

GODFREY Arnold Arthur William, STEWART Olive, 25th August 1934
South Australia

Arnold Arthur William Godfrey was a descendant from the above all of whom are grandchildren of Francis Thomas Godfrey(see above). He was a keen fisherman, my father, and a gentle loving man. Olive Stewart, his wife was born in Port Pirie South Australia in 1914. Her parents immigrated from Bolton, England in 1913. Olive was one of many children in her family.

Thomas Henry Pargeter, Camilla Kathrina Fisher, 4 Feb. 1906
Buffalo, Nebraska
Married in Kearney. Looking for Camilla's parents and siblings. Thanks

Joseph Hart, Sarah A. Winthrop, Dec. 14, 1859
New York City

Married at Chelsea Church 24th St. NYC

Reference New York City Methodist Marriages 1785 to 1898 Volume 1 Index of Brides
Compiled by William Scott Fisher/Picton Press Camden, Maine

Richard Wilson McVay "Dicky, Dawn Carolyn Kersey, 08/18/1984
Putnam, WV
United States of America

"Dicky" passed away on Thursday, May 1, 2003 at his home in Cross Lanes, WV. He was respectfully laid to rest near our old home that we all knew and loved so well, at Barnett Chapel Cemetery on Fisher Ridge, in Liberty, WV.

J. W. Kirkland, Susan Fisher, 4 Nov 1874
McLennan, Texas

edward daniel hall, vela hazeline daniel, may 22, 1939
fisher, texas
united states

Brooks Roscoe Fisher, Nina Grace Hooker, December 23, 1916
Norfolk, VA

Children born:

Brooks Roscoe Fisher, JR b. 10-26-1917 d. 10-8-1975
Ernest Roland Fisher b. 3-27-1920 d. 7-22-1921 Died at Home
Walter Curtis Fisher b. 11-21-1922 d. 11-13-1990

Nina Grace Hooker b. 1-22-1898 on Roanoke Island, NC
d. 1-18-1979 in Norfolk VA
Brooks Roscoe Fisher b. 6-14-1891 in Clearfield, PA
d. 6-14-1937 in Sharon Hill, PA

William Henry Bailey, Lucretia Fisher, 1859
Lucas, Iowa

Leonard Fisher, Sarah Casey, 1818

Charles Granville Fisher, Julia Mary Kennedy, 18 April 1900
Knox, IL

Source: IL Statewide Marriage Index 1763-1900 - Book G p.146 License #13254 - married 18 April 1900 Galesburg, IL by Rev. Joseph Costa

A. L. Fisher, A. M. E. Bishop, December 26, 1897
Hamilton Co., Texas
Vol 03 pp 028

Charles R. Todd, Ester Fisher, 15 Sep 1833
Franklin, Mo

Col. John Nash, Elizabeth Fisher, 24 Sep 1757
Sussex, Va

Samuel Baird, Rebecca Fisher, 10 Nov 1825
Clark, Oh

cecil mcollins, margaret joan fisher, oct 24-1962
wise, appalachia va

John Beard, Elinor Fisher, 20 Aug 1799
Pulaski, Ky

William Baker, Elizabeth Fisher, 30 Dec 1813
St. Gene., Mo

Rev. William Rainey, Margaretta Fisher, 15 Dec 1803
Fayette, Ky
dau of Maj. James Fisher

Asa Mason Sr, Beria Fisher, 7 May 1755
Norfork, Mass
b 25 Oct 1728 d 3 Jan 1803, wife b 1 Jul 1735 d 15 Jan 1804
kids; Beria b 27 Jun 1756, Ebenezer b 14 Apr 1758, Abigail b 24 Dec 1759, Eunice b 15 Apr 1762, Esther b 11 Apr 1764, Asa Jr b 1 Apr 1766, Sarah b 16 Sep 1768, Kezia b 22 Dec 1770, Amos b 19 Apr 1773, Nathan b 3 Nov 1778

John Fisher, Mrs. Ellen Herring, 3 Oct 1836
Fayette, Ky

Maj. Henry S. Baird, Elisabeth T. Fisher, 12 Aug 1824
Mackinac, Wis
he was b 1800

will willie jame, jackson groom parent;s aruther ,jackson gromm mother mildrd, vinson, wasie turner,parrish. bride fa, sam turner,parrish, bride mother, lizzie, hunt , nov 1961
poinsett, arkansas
willie james, jackson and wasie turner,parrish was join in marriage nov 1961, fisher,ark at her sister home by honorable tal, dewhitt, willie and wasie had several children, vonda, sandra, michael, kinberly, beverly, connie, all of florence,ala/ by sis, letha

Irasel FISHER, Carla STEVENS, 30 Dec 1886
Clay, MS

William Achilles DEATHERAGE, Susannah F. EASTHAM, 28 Mar 1848
Culpeper or Rappahannock, VA
William son of William Deatherage & Mary "Nancy" Maddox. Susannah daughter of Robert Eastham & Frances Fisher

Colo. John Nash Sr, Eliza. Fisher, 24 Sep 1757
Sussex, Va

Capt Ira Richardson, Evelina Fisher, 22 Dec 1833
Bristol, Mass

James Archer, Nancy Fisher, 20 Sep 1846
St Louis, Mo

Jacob Hackney, Sally Fisher, 04 Jun 1822
Knox, TN

Peter Sink, Parmelia Fisher, 15 Nov 1858
Franklin, Va

Abraham Sink, Eliza. Fisher, 15 Dec 1845
Franklin, Va

John Fisher, Delilah Sink, 21 Feb 1842
Franklin, Va

Joseph Zink, Barbary Fisher, 29 Dec 1853
Franklin, Va

Webster M. Fisher, Jessenia Brown, 1994


Charles S. Cochran, Sarah A. King, 24 Aug.1860
Kanawha Co., West( Virginia)
Sarah born 1835 in Westmoreland Co. Virginia.Kanawha Co. W.Va. marriage records.She was the daughter of John King and Elizabeth Fisher,of Westmoreland Va,then of Kanawha Co. West Virginia.

Noah King, Marietta Bragg, 22 July 1868
Kanawha Co., West Virginia
Noah born 1843 in Kanawha Co. West Virginia was son of John King and Elizabeth (Fisher)King,of Westmoreland Co. Va.

John Stevens, Olive Amanda King, 22 April 1864
Kanawha Co., West Virginia
Olive born Mar.1847 died June 22 1923.daughter of John King and Elizabeth(Fisher)King.John Stevens born 1839.Died 1922.Kanawha Co. W.Va.records

James Wiley King, Laura Hoistien, 12 July 1859
Boone Co., West Virginia
James King was son of John King and Elizabeth(Fisher) King. Mary F. Douglas was his second wife,married 15 Dec.1863.

Paul Gibson, Freda Fisher, December 24, 1942
Putnam, West Virginia

This was my mamaw and papaw and they were married for 51 years when he passed away in 1993 she passed away in September of 1995.


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